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Paddleboarding at Palm Beach

A day in the life of paddle boarders

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When you have a Ben Buckler stand up paddle board in your hands, a new world of water is at your feet.

You can play in the waves and explore kilometers of water ways. One sunny morning in Palm Beach, Australia, two gorgeous friends took their paddle boards out for full day of adventure and made a sweet video just for you.

BEN BUCKLER BOARDS – Palm Beach Day from Ben Buckler Boards on Vimeo.


This video shows Lucia and Valeriya paddle boarding on the Toes Nose and the Quazi in Palm Beach and Pittwater between Avalon and Newport. They paddle board from sunrise to sunset, exploring new beaches and meeting friends along the way. This is truely and amazing new sport that knows no bounds. No rules about where to go or what to do, just get outside and have fun.

Order your paddle boards today by clicking on the link to the stand up paddle boards and selecting your preferred design.



New Evolve GTX Skateboard is here

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At Ben Buckler Boards, we are so excited to be distributing new Evolve GTX Skateboard, the latest incarnation of the worlds greatest electric skateboard brand. Right here in Sydney, you can check out all the new Evolve skateboard models and Evolve accessories or simply order online for same day delivery.

This week Evolve have introduced the love child of their GT Bamboo and GT Carbon, the GTX. You get the best of everything in the new Evolve GTX skateboard.

Get your order in now with Ben Buckler Boards to secure this highly popular electric skateboard.

The GTX has:

  • Large battery 36 volt 10AH Lithium Ion – 50km range
  • Large 97mm wheels for higher top speed
  • Flexible bamboo deck
  • 2 Gold plated 1500W motors for extra bling
  • Funky new deck grip

Click here for all the GTX specs.

This is a super versatile electric skateboard, you can select either street wheels (97mm) or all terrain (AT) inflatable tires/wheels or you can purchase both at the same time (called the 2in1) and swap yourself depending on the conditions.

The price point is in between the GT Bamboo and the GT Carbon. Go for the new Evolve GTX skateboard if you like your deck flexible and your rides to be super long.

You can get the 97mm wheels as an accessory upgrade for the GT Bamboo and GT Carbon here in Sydney. The GTX comes standard with the 97mm wheels. Larger wheels increase top end speed at the cost of battery consumption, however Evolve have addressed this with the larger battery in the GTX. Larger wheels also help reduce road bumps and noise.

Why buy from Ben Buckler Boards? Because we’ve been riding and selling Evolve skateboards for years so we know our stuff. You can inspect the boards in Sydney prior to purchasing so you have peace of mind. We also offer same day delivery so you get your skateboard even faster!

Get your order in now for the new Evolve GTX.

Full SUP warehouse - Ben Buckler Boards

New SUP’s arrived!

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After months of design, preparation and hard work, we are super stoked to have all our models back in stock and ready to fly out the door again.

We’ve squeezed in some minor enhancements such as improved carry handle comfort, stronger carry strap joints and paddle cosmetic changes. More details on these enhancements will follow shortly.

Jump in and grab a new stand up paddle board while they’re here.

Full SUP warehouse - Ben Buckler Boards