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Wanting to buy the perfect gift this Christmas?

Posted by | December 09, 2016 | Christmas, Gift box, New Stuff | No Comments

Ben Buckler Boards is offering the perfect gift for this Christmas this year! When you purchase a paddle board package, you will receive a gift voucher and a free christmas gift box worth $75!

“FREE Christmas gift box featuring an organic Ben Buckler T-shirt, 2 unbreakable glasses, gift certificate, catalogue & sticker!”

The gift voucher will give your loved one that beautiful paddle board they have been waiting for! They can also swap their board for another, if they don’t like the one chosen!


Paddle boards will be coming late December, and be delivered straight thing early January!!

What an awesome gift to give, am I right? Great way to start the New Year paddling on your new board! (not to mention a way to burn off those extra Christmas calories!!) 😉

Check out our Paddle board gift ideas below!

Tose Nose SUP
Buy the Tose Nose SUP now!


Tose Nose Pink


Buy the Tose Nose Pink SUP now!




Buy the Quazi SUP now!




Buy the Woody SUP now!


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