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Our new models

Posted by | April 15, 2015 | New models | No Comments

We had a fun time at Ben Buckler point recently, showing off our latest models for 2015. We think they look stunning, so here they are for your viewing pleasure.



Introducing the new Quazi Moto Mk3

Our Quazi Moto has evolved into a gorgeous paddle board, with white rails wrapping the two tone wood center, all covered in a silky mat finish. Designed as the perfect all-rounder, this stand up paddle board will cruise through flat water and the surf in style.



Quazi Mk3 Paddle board from BBB

More details on the new Quazi Mk3.

Introducing the new Stubby Nut

We’ve pushed the Stubby Nut further with a silky mat finish covering the carbon fibre top deck. Mat finish boards are slightly faster on water than gloss finish fibreglass and they sure do look sexy as well!





More details on the new Stubby Nut.

Introducing the new Nuddie Nut

We’ve also made a new ‘Nudie Nut’ which is a Stubby Nut uncovered. The Stubby Nut and the Nudie Nut surfboards are designed for beginner surfs and larger surfers. We’ve added volume through the width and around the rails to keep you floating and help make the waves easier to catch.

Nudie Nut surfboard



Introducing the new firey wood adjustable paddle

Our paddles for 2015 are also stunning to look at. We love the woody blades and keep working with the latest technology to make the strongest and lightest paddles possible.




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