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Electric skateboards that scream!

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Ben Buckler Boards are super stoked to be the official distributors for Evolve electric skateboards in Sydney. If you’re looking to get your adrenaline kicks on tap, you need to get on one of these kick-ass boards.

Unlike any other electric skateboard on the market, these Evolve boards have an awesomely discrete and powerful battery under the deck. You can hardly see it and it adds to the confusion of passers by as you scream past at up to 42km/h. I personally have gone 50km/h down a massive hill at Bondi. The usual cruising speed on the flat for these is 40km/h but you can get it up faster. There are three main categories of boards: carbon (for the mad enthusiast), bamboo (for the classic), and ONE (the latest in the Evolve electric skateboard range). For more information on each electric skateboard, just click on the image.

Electric skateboard - Evolve GT Carbon Street
GT Evolve Bamboo Street angle view

Electric skateboard from Evolve with bamboo deck

All boards are interchangeable to have off road tyres (AT – All Terrain) or street wheels, so you can shred it up on the street and on the grass or gravel with some mad power slides.

Take my advice people….. get a helmet with these skateboards.


Why buy from Ben Buckler Boards? We’ve been riding and selling Evolve skateboards for years so we know our stuff. You can inspect the boards in Sydney prior to purchasing so you have peace of mind. We also offer same day delivery so you get your skateboard even faster!