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Boosted Stealth Skateboard
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Boosted Stealth Skateboard

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New from Boosted, the Stealth is the pinnacle of electric skateboard performance. Stealth is the high-performance electric longboard you’ve been dreaming of, built from the ground up with attention to detail at every turn, including a new ride mode, exclusive to Stealth, with higher top speed and lightening-fast acceleration.

New Deck Construction

The deck’s construction has been re-imagined utilising techniques developed in snowboard manufacturing to deliver a more refined ride feel. We begin with a strong yet flexible poplar core, flanked by high-density foam and reinforced connections points for all the board’s components. These elements are sandwiched between top and bottom sheets of triaxial fibreglass and wrapped with a polymer sidewall, making the board ultra-durable from all angles, while retaining the flex, vibration absorption, and deep carving capabilities Boosted riders have come to love.

New Drivetrain

With a focus on the rigours of daily commuting, we've built the drive-train around CNC precision machined trucks with a higher grade aluminium and an updated design that adds more material in high stress areas. The result is a massive increase in overall strength right where you need it most.

New Custom Boosted Wheels

Boosted Stealth comes stock with our new, custom-designed Stratus wheels. We spent countless hours studying different core geometries and flex profiles to design a wheel with the right combination of grip, flex, and rebound. At 85mm, these wheels deliver the highest roll speed of any Boosted board to date. By taking control of the design we open up a world of possibilities when it comes to size, shape, and colour.

Extended Range Battery

Boosted Stealth comes equipped with our industry-leading extended range battery. With up to 14 miles of range, Boosted Stealth is made for longer commutes and ripping up the open road.

As always, Boosted Stealth utilises our industry-leading remote and firmware, which work in concert to provide the instant acceleration and powerful braking that sets Boosted apart. For the ultimate in electric skateboard technology and performance, look no further than Boosted Stealth.


Range: 22.5kms

Top Speed: 38.6 km/h top speed and super responsive acceleration

Hill Climbing: Up to 25% Grade

Weight: 7.71Kgs

Power: 2100 Watts 

Deck material: Super Flex Composite Deck

Trucks: 190mm CNC Precision Machined

Remote: Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote

Ride Modes: 3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros

Dimensions- Mini S: 28cm (W), 75cm (L), 14.5cm (H)

Brakes: Regenerative Brakes

Wheels: Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels

Apps: iOS and Android(TM)

Charge Time: 1 hr 45 min (X)

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