Toes Nose Paddle Board


by Ben Buckler Boards


Stand up paddle board for surf and flat water

Get your toes on the nose with the original Ben Buckler Toes Nose Board. We can never seem to make enough of these beautiful boards, so grab one today.

The set in wooden head stop and tail stop give the board extra strength and retro design class. The Toes Nose is the only paddle board in the range with the high gloss finish. White rails, white deck grip and white fins look epic.

The paddle board comes with BBB diamond deck grip, carry handle, breathing hole, leg rope anchor and 3 FCS fins.

Great for any rider ability from beginners to experts.

It’s the same all-rounder shape as all our other Ben Buckler stand up paddle boards. This ‘all-rounder’ shape gives you the versatility to paddle board anywhere you want, like flat water lakes, surf, oceans and rivers. So all you need to do is pick your board size based on your weight.

Available in:

9′6" x 31” x 4.2” – Volume :125L (suits riders less than 70Kg) - Board weight: 9.7Kg
10’ x 31” x 4.25” – Volume :144L (suits riders less than 75Kg) - Board weight: 10Kg
10’6" x 32” x 4.25” – Volume: 170L (suits riders less than 95Kg) - Board weight: 10.5Kg
11’ x 33” x 4.5” – Volume: 185L (suits riders over 95Kg) - Board weight: 11.5Kg

All new paddle boards and packages come with our 12 month warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

What's included in the full package option:

- Stand up paddle board, with deck grip and fins
- Bag for paddle board
- Carbon fibre paddle with wood veneer blade in adjustable or non-adjustable
- Bag for paddle
- Leash

New and improved board bags! A longer zip goes most of the way around to help get boards in and out faster. Plus we’ve made one side silver to reflect the sun heat and protect the boards even more.

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