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Ben Buckler stand up paddle boards are designed to make you look awesome and help you become a great paddler and surfer.
You can paddle our boards on flat water while learning and gradually make your way into the surf when you’re ready.

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Evolve skateboards are the world's best electric skateboards, designed for long distance fun and adventure.
Interchangeable wheels make them the most versatile electric skateboard on the planet.
Exceptional quality is built into every skateboard without compromise.

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Boosted skateboards make quality electric skateboards that are fun to use and are designed to improve your commute. Ride at speeds of up to 28 km/h and ranges of up to 22.5km.
Experience premium performance on your journey's from train to home, work or uni. Ben Buckler Boards are very proud to stock and sell only the best electric skateboards in the world.

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Super73 electric bikes are the most accessible fun on two wheels and they make you look cool.
In May 2016, Super73 was launched! A new kind of electric hybrid with cutting edge technology that was inspired by the rich heritage of motorcycle culture.
This has since quickly grown into the most popular electric bike on the internet - with excellent customer service that has a personal touch.

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The Onewheel is an amazing new skateboard with only one wheel and no remote control.
Designed and made by Future Motion in California from the highest quality components.

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Michael Blast make the Greaser and the Vacay electric bikes to an exceptionally high quality.
The Michael Blast brand has been developed by friends from distant parts of the globe, joining forces to create a truly unique and affordable range of vintage inspired electric bicycles.

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These amazing inflatable stand up paddle boards with creative and unique designs come as a full package in a handy backpack, which includes a 3 piece adjustable paddle, hand pump, FCS fins and repair kit.

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Designed in San Diego by lifelong skateboarders and surfers, Riptide was built on the belief that an electric skateboard can be super powerful and incredibly convenient, while retaining all the features that make an unpowered board great.

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