Skateboard lights by Trident


by Evolve


Skateboard light by Trident 

delivers reliable, versatile brightness plus a sleek, low-profile mounting system that easily straps to your skateboard truck,

Water-resistant silicone body with flexible mounting straps is easy to attach to your trucks.

We recommend that you have lights fitted on your board while riding especially during night rides. 

4 modes of lighting options; high, low, flash high, flash low

Non directional beam covers a wider area. These lights are to warn others, not designed to light the whole path in front of you.

Max lumens: 100 (3 LED bulbs).

Charge Time: 3.5 hours.

Battery life on high: 1.5 hours, Battery life on low: 4 hours, Battery life flashing – high: 2.5; low: 8 hours.

Weight: 76g.

USB rechargeable with Lithium Polymer battery.


Black Serfas Rear Lights are currently Sold Out. Please check out our clear light option which are a limited edition with Evolve Skateboards.