Street wheels that glow, for Evolve electric skateboards by lazy rolling
Lazy rolling Night glow street wheels in 4 pack for skateboarding
4 glowing lazy rolling street wheels in a row
Man holding a GTX evolve skateboard with lazy rolling glow street wheels

Glow Street Wheels by Lazy Rolling

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Electric Skateboard / Longboard wheels
Size: 97mm
Width: 52mm
Durometer: 78A
Contact Patch: 45mm
Lip Profile: Round
Core Placement: Centerset
Great Rebound

Super Grippy wheels, yet soft enough not to chip!

Features gently bevelled reflective sidewalls (not luminous), perfect for all belt electric skateboards. The GLOW wheels are visible up to 125 meters / 410 ft in the dark! Perfect for night riding!

The hub is compatible with EVOLVE and ABEC original wheel pulleys.