MACHINE Transporter 1000 Commuter E-Scooter 2020
MACHINE Transporter 1000 Commuter E-Scooter 2020

MACHINE Transporter 1000 Commuter E-Scooter 2020

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Australia's Best Electric Commuter 

The Machine is a high end powerful e-scooter initially designed for the European commuter market with its superior build quality, unrivalled stability making The Machine ideal for commuting to work as well as a weekend fun cruiser. Packing a 150kg load capacity, 1000 watt motor, front and rear suspension, dual disc braking and a large 13amp 48-volt LG Lithium Battery, The Machine altogether is built tough and safe not unlike automotive grade standards. 
Powering you to 25 km/h+, with a maximum range of 70 km in its eco mode, The Machine has the feel of a sports car with an unparalleled luxe rider comfort but is also more than capable off the road. Colour options are Champagne, Coke Red, Sky Blue and All Black. 
+Speed limited to 25 km/h in Australia, 45 km/h Internationally where legal.
Australian Specification
  • DIMENSIONS 1190 x 1200 x 500 mm
  • DIMENSIONS FOLDED 410 x 1220 x 260 mm
  • WEIGHT 21 kg
  • MAXIMUM SPEED 25 km/h+ Speed limited for Australia, 45 km/h Internationally where legal.
  • RANGE 70 km in Eco mode, 45 km in Normal mode, 25 km in Sport mode
  • MOTOR POWER 1000 Watts (Brushless Motor)
  • TYRES 10 inches Inflatable
  • BATTERY 48V 13Ah Lithium Ion, LG 2600 cells
  • CHARGE TIME 4 to 6 hours
  • BATTERY LIFE 1000 to 1200 Full Charge Cycles 
  • CHARGER 54.6V 2A mains Charger
  • MATERIAL Aviation Aluminum
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE - 10 ° C to 40 ° C
  • LED INDICATOR LCD screen: speed, total mileage and last trip, range, led lights, 3 modes of power and cruise control
  • LED LIGHTS Yes, two in the front and one in the back
  • SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES AC charger and Operating Instructions
  • The Machine is built from Aviation aluminium alloy, offering high mechanical strength, avoids corrosion and does not deteriorate with temperature variations.
  • Front and rear disc brakes for powerful stopping power.
  • Built-in deck lights for riding at night.
  • Collapsible handlebars for easy storage in optional Carry/Trolley Bag.
  • USB to charge devices like phone with optional Phone Holder.
  • Clear and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Luxury ergonomic leather lock-on Handle Grips
  • Handlebar height adjustment suiting all height riders
  • Generous deck space for safe comfortable riding
  • Dust and water resistance rating of IP54.
  • Thanks to its low density, the Machine 1000 still remains light considering the performances it delivers. 
  • The LG battery has no memory effect, meaning the amount of energy restored does not decrease over time.