OKO Sealant Syringe injector 150ml

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• No mess when applying
• Patented design
• Presta/Schräder screw fitting
• Injects precise dose
• Multiple uses in workshop
• Reusable product: lifetime of use

The 150ml (5 fl. oz.) Injector syringe is ideal for owners of:

• Motorbikes, Mopeds, Scooters
• Quad Bikes, All-Terrain Vehicles
• Cars, MPVs, SUVs, Vans
• Caravans, Mobile Homes, Horse Boxes, Boat Trailers
• Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs
• Wheelbarrows, Lawnmowers, Grass cutters
• Golf buggies
• (Also bicycles, but see the 60ml size which is also available)

It dispenses sealant with total accuracy, eliminating concerns over under-dosing or over-dosing.

The patented double-screw attachment works on all regular auto Schräder valve stems (bicycle owners please note: you must have removable-core type Presta valves to dispense OKO through the valve core, check before purchasing). It avoids leakages, allowing mess-free application of OKO sealant. You can suck up the required amount of OKO from the bottle (having unscrewed the cap) by pulling up the plunger of the syringe. A Schraeder-sized valve core remover is provided: it screws onto the end of the screw attachment.

Although of course it is designed for applying OKO, the Injector is a product that can be used with any lubricants and other liquids used in the workshop (subject to the user cleaning the unit thoroughly as recommended).

Once purchased, it will have a long lifetime of use for successive tyres.

For solely bicycle use, we recommend the smaller 60ml (2 fl. oz.) Liquid Injector.