Close up of the Jarom Vogel 10'6” front and back of the boards
Jarom Vogel 10'6” front and back of the boards
Man holding Jarom Vogel 10'6 board with a paddle
Jarom Vogel kit
Jarom Vogel 10'6” - Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Jarom Vogel 10'6” - Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Jarom Vogel 10'6” - Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Man with  Jarom Vogel 10'6” boards
 Jarom Vogel 10'6” board material break down

Jarom Vogel 10'6” - Inflatable Paddle Board Package

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The way of Jarom Vogel 10’6” 

Jarom, the solo traveler in search of great beauty, stumbles across jaw dropping colours that you have to see to believe. Join Jarom on his adventures as you brighten the paddle boarding world around you with these vivid colours.

This inflatable paddle board is gorgeous to look at, awesome to paddle and made with the highest quality materials. Designed by Europe's most amazing artists and made by the world's best paddle board manufacturer. These paddle boards will make you stand out from the crowd. 

These paddle boards are great to.  Travel with travel or just a day on the beach. The paddle board folds away into its own carry bag for easy storage. The paddle boards straps that can hold your personal items while you are on the water. 

What's in the package

They come as a full package which includes:

  • a 3 piece adjustable paddle
  • hand pump,
  • tough backpack
  • FCS fins
  • repair kit.

The backpack has multiple hardcore straps and robust wheels for pulling your paddle board package along the ground or carrying on your back. Each paddle board package weighs just 10.5Kgs each.

Fresco Art Technology

Fresco art refers to the way in which the paint pigments are applied freshly to the materials to create extremely durable art. Unique designs are applied to the inflatable paddle boards using Fresco technology on a thin compression material that serves as a shell for the resistant inner core. By using this new technology we've been able to create a new form of inspiring art.

Digital Printing and UV Coating technology

These paddle boards are digitally printed in extremely high quality with 1200dpi, making the colours jump out at you. Then on top of the artwork, they all have UV protection and anti-scratch coating.

The highest quality materials are used to make these paddle boards with the following construction:

  • 150mm dropstitch fabric
  • 1000 denier outer join
  • non-slip EVA deck grip pad
  • double inner layer 1000 + 500 denier.
    (meaning 1000 denier fabric on both outsides, with a 500 denier inside layer for long lasting quality.)

Cross section of materials used in the anomy inflatable paddle boards


Board Size: 10'6" x 32" x 4.75" / 320cm x 812mm x 120mm

Volume: 240 litres / Rider up to: 100kgs/220lbs


Don't go with mainstream, be unique and paddle your own way with the Jarom Vogel paddle board in inspiring colours for your next solo adventure.