The Way of Quyen Dinh 10"6


by Ben Buckler Boards




High quality materials. Our paddle boards are
made with the best materials.
Quality and innovation. Our brand is supported
by a manufacturer of inflatable SUP equipment that
meets the highest worldwide standards of quality
and innovation with the aim to offer top-quality
products with maximum guarantees.

* Exclusive editions. Best illustrators. Anomy
presents ways of looking at life according to the
personal style of renowned artists. Each of them
makes an expression according to their own style,
with no limits, with total freedom.

*Fresco Tech. Fresco enhance the durability and stability of our boards.As the fresco painters apply the pigments on a thin layer of wet plaster that covered a thicker one; our
unique designs are applied on a thin compression
rail that serves as a shell for the resistant inner
core. It's by using this Fresco Technology that we
elevate our boards to a new form of art.

* Digital Printing and UV Coating technology.
Anti-Scratch Coating Technology; Ultra Violet
Protection Coating; 1,200dpi High Quality Printing;
Achieving both quality and productivity improvement
by this innovative-digital printing technology.

*High Quality Materials. 150mm Dropstitch fabric;
1000 denier outer join; Non-slip EVA Pad; Double
inner layer 1000 + 500 denier; 1000 denier fabric on
both sides; 500 denier inside layer.