Toes Nose Pink! Paddle Board


by Ben Buckler Boards

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Stand up paddle board for surf and flat water

Like pink and paddle boarding? Then this is for you! Get your pink toes on the nose with the original Ben Buckler Toes Nose Stand Up Paddle Board – pimped up with pink pins stripes! Get in now to grab this limited edition board.

The Toes Nose is the only paddle board in the range with the high gloss finish. The diamond grip deck pad will hold you in place waves and flat water. White rails add that extra class that no other board has. This is the board you mount on your living room wall. It’s living art.

Like the original Toes Nose, Woody & Quazi, this board is an All-Rounder – Designed for beginners to intermediate surfers to cruise flat water and also catch waves when you want to.

Usually available in:

10′ x 31” x 4.25” – Volume :144L (suits riders less than 75Kg) - Board weight: 10Kg

Because we designed this board for the coolest chicks on the planet.

All new paddle boards and packages come with our 12 month warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

We’ve improved the board bags! A longer zip goes most of the way around to help get boards in and out faster. Plus we’ve made one side silver to reflect the sun heat and protect the boards even more.

New in 2017 – we’ve changed the fin colour from black to white, plus the deck grip handle and breather is also white.

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