Ripping, gliding and turning heads - your favourite things about electric skateboards.

We asked members of Facebook group ESK8 Sydney for answers on their favourite things about owning an electric skateboard. To us, the benefits are clear. We know we love the freedom and fun that our electric skateboards provide, but we wanted to hear from riders. And this is what they had to say. 

 Ripping up the mud with an Evolve electric skateboard

Like us, freedom from the road traffic and public transport crams was a big theme.

“Freedom of movement around Sydney. I don’t need a car any more!”


“Traffic is a thing of the past now”.

This really struck a chord with us. Nothing better than gliding past disgruntled drivers stuck in Sydney’s trademark traffic. 

 Carving up the road with an Evolve electric skateboard

Michael E had it right when he commented,

“The look on people's faces as they try to figure out why your not kicking and how your going so fast

while Nathaniel C’s reply

“The look on people's faces as they try to figure out why they're still living in the 20th century”

had us cracking up at our desks. You can lead a horse to water Nathaniel, but you can’t necessarily make it drink (or so the proverb goes). 


 Female riding an electric skateboard

In terms of the feeling of riding a skateboard, in the simplest terms, you guys clearly couldn’t get enough of it.

“The feeling of the wind in my face! And wearing a dress or skirt while riding! Speed! Meeting more people!”

Sandra F spoke to the inner carver in all of us with her comment

“Absolutely leave the world behind. It's my Zen, like carving on an endless wave.”


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