stand up paddle board being carried along the beach

Stand Up Paddle Boards


    Ben Buckler stand up paddle boards are designed to make you look awesome and help you become a great paddler and surfer. You can paddle our boards on flat water while learning and gradually make your way into the surf when you’re ready.

    How the country’s best SUPs were created

    We grew up surfing and developed these woody retro designs into stable, light and manoeuvrable stand up paddle boards (SUP). In terms of shape, we focused on developing all-rounder SUP’s (because it suits the majority of people, including ourselves) and we added a few extra subtle surfing touches, such as a double concave in the tail section, single concave under the nose and extended the underside tail rail to the midsection of the board, to give you extra grab on the side of a wave.

    The modern design of our stand up paddle boards

    Each SUP has the traditional wooden stringer & epoxy foam core, wrapped in a wood effect and sealed with strong epoxy fibreglass resin. The nose and tail of the board is made with traditional real wood for aesthetics and to protect the board. Each SUP has bamboo veneer inlaid under the deck grip to increase strength under the standing area without adding too much weight overall.

    Our stand up paddle boards are made in small batches, and over the past 12 years, we have perfected the board into an amazingly refined product suitable to mount on your living room wall. In fact, our boards are displayed in several cafes and pubs around Australia.

    Every single aspect of our stand up paddle board design and build has been reviewed, tried, tested and perfected in Bondi, Sydney, Australia, by passionate beach-loving people, our staff and our awesome customers. We’re super stoked to offer you the best stand up paddle boards in Australia for your enjoyment.

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    Still got questions? No worries, we’d love to chat. Just get in touch with us via our contact page, call us on 02 7226 5231 or visit us in-store. We’d love to chat more about our premium lifestyle brand and how you can get your hands on the best stand up paddle boards in Australia.


    When you’re starting out, you will need a SUP that has good stability while you learn the basics. All the boards in the Ben Buckler collection are great for beginners as they give you the balance you need to get a handle on the sport.

    Both types of stand up paddle boards have their benefits. Inflatable SUPs are great for flat water paddling, and they’re light and highly portable, but if you’re looking to board in the waves, you’ll want a hard shell SUP to give you the solidity and stability that you need in the surf. Hard epoxy boards are more stable in the ocean as they are designed to cut through the water chop, whereas Inflatable SUPs bounce over the top.

    If you’re planning on paddling in multiple places, inflatable paddle boards are the best choice for you. They are lightweight, easy to pack, throw in a small car, or take on a plane, and better for avoiding injury. The versatility of inflatable SUP boards makes them a great choice for the whole family to use.

    The best stand up paddle boards in Australia all have key features that make them great, but the most important thing is to make sure that your stand up paddle board is right specifically for you. The best SUPs are constructed using high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. These two factors come together to deliver a premium level of protection from the elements, thus ensuring the longevity of the SUP.