Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes


    Electric bikes are so awesome now! Getting tech to do half the leg work has opened up a world of design opportunities. Imagine a bike that has personality, a bike that looks awesome and makes you look awesome. The future is here with electric bicycles, and it’s all available to you at our electric bike and skateboard shop in Sydney!

    What makes electric bikes so great

    You can now cruise uphill to work without breaking a sweat and have so much more freedom to ride outside your fitness zone with electric bikes in Sydney. The trendy designs will make you the coolest cat on the streets, and just knowing that these are so easy to ride will make you want one even more.

    Forget expensive car registration. Grab an eBike (electric bike) today to explore the world on your terms and enjoy life riding the coolest mode of transport this decade. The electric bikes available from Ben Buckler Boards are part of a premium lifestyle brand, not to mention them being the way of the future. Shop in-store, contact us or check out our range online today and find the eBike of your dreams.


    All our electric bikes are street-legal in Sydney and the coolest mode of transport in town. Like all kinds of bikes, you need to wear a helmet, but you can ride our electric bikes in Sydney without needing a motorcycle licence.

    We stock only the best electric bikes in our range worldwide. We’ve spent hours researching and riding to ensure we have only the best brands in our collection for you to choose from.

    If you consider the money you’ll save on fuel, parking fees and car registration as well as the convenience of being able to slip through traffic and never struggling to park, an electric bike is well worth the investment. Sydney has some of the most congested roads in Australia and also the most things to see and do, so electric bikes are the perfect mode of transport for getting around the city.

    A good quality electric bike will cost around three to five thousand dollars, but for what you’ll save and considering the cost of even a second-hand car, electric bikes are hugely affordable in the long run. Once you’ve purchased your eBike, there are essentially no further running costs. Compared to the price of maintaining a car, an e-bike is an even better investment.