Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike
Project BMX ebike

Project BMX ebike

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About the Project BMX electric bike

Project BMX is a visionary quest to seamlessly blend electric innovation with authentic BMX geometry, crafting an unparalleled ride experience tailored for cyclists who need a little more cool from their bike. The ethos was to make no sacrifices to the ride feeling or look of traditional BMX - by using a nimble 24” design for agility and fluidity, and stealthy integration of the technology to maintain traditional aesthetics, Project BMX does just that.


Many eBikes place their motors and batteries in positions that are easiest and/or cheapest, with little regard to the effects on the rider experience. Frame geometry and weight distribution are pivotal in electric bike design, optimising rider comfort and bike handling. The carefully calculated angles and weight placement on Project BMX lower the centre of gravity, enhancing stability and control, especially at higher speeds or during tight maneuvers. This balance allows for a natural riding posture and facilitates intuitive control, improving the interaction between rider and machine.


eBikes can be big, bulky, and a little bit ugly. We’ve painstakingly retained the iconic BMX spirit, seamlessly nestling the battery within the seat and embedding a potent mid-drive motor into the frame. The outcome? A sophisticated, perfectly balanced old-school BMX aesthetic that’s guaranteed to draw attention. Project BMX is crafted with premium Chromoly frame and fork tubing courtesy of TANGE. It’s not just a ride but a robust statement of quality.


Range Up to 60km with pedal assist
Speed Up to 36kph with pedal assist and throttle
Weight 20.5 kg
Modes 5 speed modes

Motor: Bafang M560 Mid Drive Motor
Firmware 500W / 250W
Voltage 48V
Rated Power 750W (limited by firmware)
Weight 3.3kg
Gear Steel
Crank Arm 170mm

Battery: 36V 9.6AH Samsung 48x 21700
WH (Watt-Hour) 345.6 WH
Weight 2kg
Lock Built-in lock point
Charge 3 hours

LED Display:
Speedometer KPB / MPH
LED rear light control 3 modes
IP rated X5
Walk assist mode Yes

Frame Set: Lightweight and strong Chromeoly frame
Material frame Chromoly
Testing ISO 4210
Adjustability 140mm post adjustment
Headset Intergrated
Weight limit 130kg
Saddle material Nylon + carbon fibre
Saddle certification ISO 4210
Saddle adjustability Angle + front to back

Wheels: Spokes 24" / Skyway Tuffs 24"
Brakes Mechanical disk 160mm 24" (front V brake on Skyway Tuff Wheels)
Tyres Kenda Road Slick 24" x 2.10
Inner tube 24x1.9/2.125 Schrader Valve

What's in the box

  • Your New Evolve Electric BMX
  • Battery
  • Reflector Kit
  • Bike Bell
  • Product Manual


How fast does the bike go?

Up to 36kph/23mph Pedal Assist + Throttle.

What is the range?

Up to 60km/37 miles with pedal assist. Up to 25km with throttle only.

Does it have speed modes?

Project BMX has 5 different speed modes that the user can select from the handlebar display.

How much does the bike weigh?

20kgs / 44lbs

Why a Mid-Drive Motor and not a Hub Motor?

Using a mid-mounted motor in Project BMX goes far beyond maintaining aesthetics. These kinds of motors offer substantial benefits over hub drive systems found on other commuter/urban e-bikes. 

The mid-drive allows for optimal weight distribution for handling, a smoother and more natural pedal assist feeling, and eliminates the drawbacks of adding rotational mass to the rear wheel. They are also quieter, and being connected directly to the crank increases the motor’s efficiency to make the most of the bike’s range.

What is the difference between the 250W and 500W Project BMX?

The 500W has a higher power rating allowing the motor to provide more torque, which will result in faster acceleration and better performance. It comes standard with a throttle, and no speed limit, intended for use on private property*.

The 250W is road-compliant with local road rules. This model uses the same motor rated to 750W but uses a 250W firmware which decreases power and torque. It is pedal assist-only (no throttle), and has a 25kph speed limit. Users may choose to add a throttle, which will allow acceleration up to 36kph but no longer be compliant.

*This FAQ is not to be construed as legal advice. Always check your local laws and ordinances to ensure you are in compliance.

Is it waterproof?

 • Motor/Drive system - IPX6 (Protected against high-pressure water stream from any angle.)

 • Display - IP X5 (Protected against low-pressure water stream from any angle)

 • Throttle - IP X5 (Protected against low-pressure water stream from any angle)

 • Connectors - Battery to Drive System - IP67 ( Completely Protected against solids and short periods of immersion in water while under pressure 15cm and 1m)

 • Battery - Sealed

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, all bikes are covered in a limited 1-year warranty.

How does the deposit payment work?

We are offering a deposit option to ensure you get your hands on this awesome new bike. The outstanding amount will be due 4 weeks before shipping - Don't worry, we will contact you when the time arrives. Note that customers opting for a deposit payment will not receive the early bird discount offered to full-payment customers. You are welcome to cancel your allocation for a full refund at any time but be mindful there is only a limited number of Project BMX available, so be sure not to miss out.

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