Delivery Policy

Delivery (or Shipping) Policy

Ben Buckler Boards Pty Ltd

Ben Buckler Boards Pty Ltd (“BBB”) supplies awesome products that are made to excite, not rip people off. Our goal is to ensure all customers are extremely happy with their purchase.

Picking and packing
All orders are picked, packed and prepared for delivery within 2 working days.
Stand Up Paddle Boards are wrapped in bubble wrap and foam edge protection, then inserted into a board bag if purchased, then inserted into a strong cardboard box and taped up with fragile tape.

Express Delivery
We offer Australia wide delivery with Direct Freight road trucks.
Usually this is overnight to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
2 to 3 days to Adelaide
up to 7 working days to Perth.
We also do our best to offer delivery on requested dates, for example; birthdays, events etc.

Given the speed at which Direct Freight operates, there is a small risk that a paddle board may get damaged on route. If this occurs, we will replace your paddle board as soon as possible. You will need to make sure your damaged item is available for pickup collection by Direct Freight and we’ll sort out the rest.

High Care Delivery
For those customers who can wait 1 to 3 weeks, we have a more personal, high care delivery option, which is essentially one super cool guy driving a truck all over Australia. He passes through Sydney going north and south, so we carefully place customer SUP packages in his truck and he delivers them directly to customer houses. And he’s never broken anything, so we love it.

Delivery responsibility
BBB maintain ownership and responsibility of the products until they are delivered to the requested delivery address.

Customers can give Authority to Leave (ATL) for goods and stand up paddle boards at the specified delivery address if no one is going to be home. This means that once the delivery driver has left the goods at the delivery address, the customer then owns and accepts responsibility for the goods.
PLEASE NOTE: If a customer has asked for goods to be delivered “to the rear of the house” for example, this constitutes as Authority to Leave.

BBB adheres to and supports the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) laws and guidelines in Australia.

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