About Ben Buckler Boards

We're a lifestyle brand that delivers quality outdoor products Australia wide.

We're here to help you get the ride of your life!

We do all the hard work in curating, transporting and testing the world's best gear, so all you have to do is show up or order online.

It all started with two Bondi lads, Pauly and Ben in 2011 when we decided make paddle boards that looked awesome. From the success of our early designs, we pursued perfection each year in every way, from materials, board weight and handling to aesthetics. We now have the perfect balance of strength and weight in each paddle board we make.

Having perfected the stand up paddle boards and accessories we expanded our product range to electric skateboards. A product that we love to use ourselves, getting to the beach to check the surf, taking in a coffee at a local cafe and generally getting around Sydney without needing to find a parking space.

We've been selling Evolve Skateboards in Sydney since Evolve first started, so we are one of Australia's first electric skateboard retailers. With years of personal experience we are experts in Evolve Skateboards and have built up a huge collection of electric skateboard accessories.

Electric skateboard group ride

From there we took on Boosted skateboards and Riptide, sticking with the world's best quality brands, so we can ensure the highest quality products and service level for our customers.

In 2018, we helped the Super73 electric bike ride into Australia for the first time. As distributors for the Super73, we have established ourselves as brand ambassadors that can service and support customers of international brands right here in Sydney.

Outside Ben Buckler Boards HQ with Pia and Kane on Super73 bikes


Got a product that you'd like us to stock? Contact us with all the details. To have your product distributed by Ben Buckler Boards, it needs to be high quality, fun, cool and unique, with exceptional customer support.