Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion
Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion

Kahe POD - Electric Propulsion

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The Kahe Electric Surfing POD.

The Kahe POD adapts to different boats in a single movement: kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddles, float tubes, tenders, small boats... Can be used on inflatable or rigid boats.

  • The Kahe POD is supplied with a US Box mount and a slide mount. For other systems, a bracket can be fitted to almost any inflatable or rigid boat, please contact us.
  • Remote control with 3 speeds and drive battery level indicator, fully waterproof IP68
  • Up to 7 km/h (depending on boat and user)
  • Up to 2 hours of autonomy
  • Possibility of presetting via mobile app (not compulsory)
  • LG 21700 lithium cells rechargeable battery (like Tesla...), removable and air-transportable (99 Wh)


Propulsion transforms your classic boat into an electrically-assisted craft! Navigating with the Kahe POD takes you further. Propulsion helps against the effects of wind and currents. It also balances the skill levels of a group of people.
The Kahe POD is easy to use: it connects to a SUP, canoe, kayak, inflatable boat or dinghy in place of the fin. The remote control is attached to the wrist or paddle using the wrist strap supplied in the pack. It allows you to choose your speed and monitor the level of battery power available.
Propulsion is silent and lightweight (just 1.7 kg). The battery is removable in three seconds, allowing you to use a second battery if you need more autonomy. The Kahe POD is approved for air travel (in the cabin for the battery).


The pack includes:
- Kahe POD marine motor - waterproof IP68

- The remote control IP68 waterproof Kahe POD battery level indicator + 3 speeds + on/off button

- Accessories for attaching the remote control to the paddle or wrist

- Kahe POD lithium ion LG cell battery: 99.6 Wh

- Kahe POD charger

- USB cable for recharging the remote control via any USB socket

- Interface for standard sliding fin housings 


Weight: 1.7 kg with battery
Dimensions (cm): 50 X 8 X 10 cm
Main part: PP with 20% fibreglass for strength and rigidity
Warhead: ABS with TPR overmoulding

Assembled in France.

The Kahe POD was conceived and designed in France by our design and engineering team. It is assembled on our premises in Lacanau (Gironde, France) or in our partner factory Swisstools in Marnaz (Haute Savoie, France).


Lithium-ion technology, LG chem 21700 cells (same as Tesla).
Approved for use in aircraft (battery in cabin)
For sessions of up to 2 hours with the engine running.
Full charge takes around 3 hours.

Capacity: 99.6 Wh - Nominal voltage: 21.6 V


The Kahe POD is easy to care for. Here are a few recommendations for taking care of it and avoiding injury:
- avoid heat, do not leave the Kahe POD and its battery in direct sunlight.
- unplug the battery when the Kahe POD is not in use.
- rinse the entire product in clear (non-salty) water after each session. Dry the product thoroughly before opening.
- The Kahe POD is equipped with an intelligent system that automatically cuts off propulsion in the event of a fall.
- Keep hands and other objects away from the propeller.


The legal conformity warranty is 2 years for the entire product (electric assistance, remote control and battery).


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