Service and Support

At Ben Buckler Boards we have arrange of minor serving options for your Evolve Skateboard and Super73 Bikes.

Evolve services we do:

  • Wheel kit conversion from AT to Street or street to AT
  • Gears change 32T, 38T, 47T and 66T
  • Change flat Tyers on AT wheels
  • Replacing tyers and swapping out tyer sizes from 6” to 7” or 8”
  • Wheel and hub customisation
  • Cleaning off boards
  • General check of belt and motor set up

Super73 services:

  • General check
  • Break check set up
  • Change flat Tyers
  • Extended seat installation
  • Minor customisation ( change tyer type, Throttle, fenders)
  • Major customisation can be done by appointment and prior discussions


At this time we don’t have serving of the Onewheel and Boosted boards yet, however we can help you with any questions you may have regards these products