Thousand Heritage Speedway Cream Helmet

Thousand Helmets


    Thousand Helmets.

    The name "Thousand" is a promise – a commitment and a goal of helping to save 1000 lives by making helmets people actually want to wear. This name serves as a daily reminder of who Thousand is and why they do what they do.

    From the beginning, Thousand's design philosophy has placed style, convenience and safety as the fundamental concepts in their product development process. They have sought to make quality gear without causing unnecessary harm to the planet. And in the true California spirit of discovery and exploration, they keep human-centered design at the forefront of crafting a helmet that folks would actually want to wear.

    Thoughtfully Designed, Obsessively Crafted

    We started from the beginning with a human-centered design process, crafting a vintage moto-inspired lid that you’d actually want to wear.

    Not Just a Good Looking Shell

    From day one, Thousand set out to keep people safe and curb the impact of bike related accidents. Their lids are fully certified and meticulously crafted to do just that.

    All Together For Our Planet

    From their Carbon Offset Program to their partnership with 1% For The Planet, Thousand is committed to making quality gear without causing unnecessary harm to our planet.