Onewheel GT S-Series
Onewheel GT S-Series
Onewheel GT S-Series

Onewheel GT S-Series

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Onewheel GT S-Series

The Onewheel GT-S Series has arrived in Australia, offering riders a game-changing experience with its powerful 113V drivetrain — 50% more voltage than the GT model. This series is lighter, lower, and features redesigned footpads for enhanced control, without sacrificing range, boasting up to 40km on a single charge.

Kyle Doerksen, the Founder and CEO, highlights this launch as a milestone, aiming to cater to those pushing the sport's limits. He remarks, "The S-Series is a leap in power and performance, designed after rigorous testing with elite riders, yet it offers casual riders a significant upgrade in confidence and capability."

In short, the GT-S Series is transforming rides across Australia, making it possible to venture further with confidence and ease.

Included in the box

Onewheel GT S-Series, GT S-Series Home Charger, Black Maghandle Pro

Please note: Onewheels are for off-road use only, according to the Australian road rules. More information on how to ride safely, read our safe riding guide.

The Onewheel GT will sell fast so get into Ben Buckler Boards today to secure yours. For more information on the GT contact us or book a test ride

50% More Voltage

50% more than our previous models which provides for mind-blowing acceleration at medium-to-high speeds, unbelievable stability at speed, and incredible hill climbing capabilities.

More Torque Headroom At Speed

More Voltage means More Power. More power to plow over rocks and roots. More power to keep you stable at high speeds. More power to stop when you absolutely need to.

"I've scaled mountains like I've never done before, and slashed chunks with newly gained confidence. This board is next level!" - Tyler James, 2x Onewheel RFTR Champ
Incredible Hill Climbing Capability

No more crawling your way up the climbs. Flowy, high-speed carves up even the steepest of hills is now a thing.

GT Performance Treaded Tire

S-Series features the GT Performance Treaded Tire. With a softer compound, wide profile, passive stability, and a construction optimized for maximum performance.

S-Series Lowboy Footpads

Slimmer S-Series Lowboy footpads lower the ride height from GT. Refined concave, rounded edges and a 24mm tail kick provide all day comfort while keeping your feet right where they need to be.

2 LBs Lighter

Thanks to a fully re-engineered battery, BMS and power stage, peak performance is now lighter. Two pounds lighter than Onewheel GT to be exact.

"We are literally racing uphill now. Anyone performance-minded is going to want to ride this thing." - Neil Bennett
Custom Shaping

Adjust your aggressiveness profile
turn compensation, dynamic responsiveness and much more in the Onewheel app with Custom Shaping 3.0.

Compatible With GT Accessories

Compatible with the suite of GT accessories. Sweet!

* Except chargers which have a higher voltage for GT S-Series

Features & Specs

Included alluminium handle with rubber grip makes taking your Onewheel with you easy.

State of the art ultra high power 21700 cells, and 113V for maximum dynamic performance.

Softer compound, passive stability, and a tire construction optimized for maximum performance. Goldilocks tread width for grip when you need it, and flowy smoothness all the time. Over-the-edge tread pattern for those off-camber lines where you need to pucker up and hold on.

Ride height is slammed by over 2mm compared to GT. Concave is mellow but secure. Round edges for reduced edge bite. Back is kicked 24.5mm with a deep bowl for foot
engagement when you're throwing the tail around.

Intuitive lighting front and back that switches direction when you do. Highbeams for maximum light output.


26-40 kilometers

Top Speed


Recharge TIme

150min regular, 80min with Hypercharger

Digital Shaping

Control the way your board rides


S-Series Tuned Hypercore hub motor




Solid state MEMS 6-DOF


11.5 x 7.0-6.5in treaded tyre

Max Lean Angle

>30 degrees


24.1cm x 27.9cm x 73.6cm