Boost Fin on a surfboard about to go into the water

Boost Fin



    A collection of the Boost Fin essentials for surfing or paddle boarding. To get started, all you need is the Boost Fin kit and you may need to get an adapter depending on your board, plus you can get a leash here if you want extra security for your fin.

    Use the Boost Fin to get out to the back line up more easily and catch more waves. Surfers of any skill level may maximise every wave with its mighty 800-watt motor. The Boost Surfing Fin also sports a turbocharged motor thrust and top speeds of 17 km/h. Say goodbye to the constant paddling and enjoy your time with the waves!


    Boost Surfing crafted this small leash attachment to safeguard your electric fin. Some Boost surf fins in the past, especially those incorrectly installed, have fallen off and have never been found. This leash will prevent that from happening. Made from hardened steel and protected by heavy-duty rubber, this leash won't easily break or tear. Available as an optional extra accessory.


    Boost Surfing designed a range of adapters to allow the Boost Surfing Fin to suit any surfboard or paddleboard. While there are thousands of distinct surfboard manufacturers, the fins are standardised in most instances and we have adapters for all of them.