Riding into the future of transport post coronavirus

For those of us who ride electric skateboards and electric bikes, we're familiar with the feeling of freedom that comes with the extreme ease of mobility. We've been using our personal electric transport during the pandemic to get to the local shops and to work without touching a single petrol pump or train seat. It's been liberating.

This latest pandemic that is responsible for forcing millions of people around the world to self isolate, is bringing forward the future of transport as we all learn and adapt to new ways of getting from A to B. 

Articles such as this, are demonstrating an 'awakening' to the possibilities:

How coronavirus could forever change the look and feel of Australia's cities and suburbs

The article points out that:

"1) Australian planners say COVID-19 could have a lasting impact on urban life.

2) A cultural shift to working from home could reinvigorate suburban centres.

3) Public transport may be hit hard, in favour of cycling and electric scooters."

......and electric bikes and electric skateboards!

Currently electric skateboarding is not legal on NSW streets, yet electric skateboards and Onewheel's are continuing to provide a legitimate transport option to those who want to avoid public transport and for those who want to avoid pumping fuel emissions into the atmosphere.

So this article excites us and we love these quotes:

"Take a deep breath and get ready for the 2020s being the era of massive change," predicts Curtin University sustainability Professor Peter Newman.

"The need for every Australian to practice safe social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19 has had several noticeable impacts on the urban environment."

Don't push the button

"It might help to fuel some of those alternative private transport modes, like electric bikes, electric scooters, skateboards, cycling — I think all that is going to grow."

"You still need to try to avoid cabin fever. You still need to try to get out and perhaps go for a walk, try to grab a takeaway coffee if you can, or something of that nature."

Electric bike fully loaded up for shopping 

And comments like these give us hope for a future where motorists care more for cyclist's safety:

"Dyed-in-the-wool motorists might actually start experiencing the joy of riding bike."

"They might then suddenly get it in terms of understanding how the street works for cyclists and what we do need to do to make our streets safer for cycling."

"2020 has started with a bang as far as COVID and it's going to be an era of significant change as we begin a new economy that's much more regenerative for the environment."


Female in pink excited about electric bikes 

Woohoo! So yes, we can definitely validate what this articles is predicting, we're already seeing loads more bicycles on the road and we can tell that more customers are using their skateboards and bikes because we're seeing an marked increase in the service and support calls. 

For example, Thomas from The Rolling Fix has never been busier! He's helping customers get their bikes out from the back of their garage and serviced so they can get on the road and taste freedom again.

We're excited for the future of transport and we're so happy to see positive impacts on our environment thanks to personal electric transport. Let us know if you have any questions or comments and drop in for a test ride anytime!