Super73 Global Group Ride

The weekend is approaching and now's the time to start getting ready for the big Super73 group ride! If you don't already know, on Sunday the 3rd of July we are all meeting up and cruising through Sydney's Eastern Suburbs to celebrate Super73 Day. If you would like to join in the fun you can find the details and register your interest at the link below.

On the day there are a few things to remember and to keep in the front of your mind so we can all have the ride of our lives.

Traffic Laws

It goes without saying that while on a group ride you should be obeying the local traffic laws. Stop at stop signs, being careful at intersections and always be scanning for danger. If you wouldn't do something in your car then you definitely shouldn't do it on an electric bike..


Super73 eBike Group Ride


Communication and Hand Signals

We may have a few walkie talkies with us but for the most part we will be relying on hand signals and verbal communication. One of the most important hand signals that you're probably already using are turn signals. Use these every opportunity you get to let traffic and your fellow riders know your intentions.

Please avoid overtaking on the inside of riders, between the curb and the rider, as they could turn into you when turning a corner. 

For a list of other useful hand signals you can learn and show off during the ride, check out the video.


Super73 rider indicating a left turn


Safety gear

You are required by law to wear a helmet while riding in Australia. So wear a helmet! It's also a good idea, your safety is most important after all. We also recommend to wear as much safety gear as possible and in winter that's easier than ever with stylish kevlar lined hoodies and warm protective gloves available for everyone. 


Thousand helmet


Australian eBike Laws for Group Rides

The road rules in Australia specify that we must adhere to the eBike laws, meaning, bike speeds must be capped at 25km/h under power, with a motor restricted to 250W and no throttle use over 6km/h. Super73 riders will have their bikes in street legal mode by default when turned on, which is Vehicle Vehicle Mode 1. All Super73 riders must ensure their bikes are in street legal mode before joining the group ride.

All eBikes Welcome

It is a Super73 Day, organised by Super73 but they're a friendly group, encouraging all types of electric mobility, so all makes and models are welcome, as long as they are street legal.


It's looking up to be a great day and we're very excited to see everyone! If you'd like to come just let us know on the Facebook event page.