Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike
Woman on a Super73 Z Miami in Black
Super73 Z-Miami Handlebars
Super73 Z-Miami Motor Gears
Super73 Z-Miami Seat
Super73 Z-Miami headlight
Super73 Z-Miami wheel brakes forks
Super73 Z-Miami brakes
Super73 Z-Miami handlebar grips display brakes
Super73 Z-Miami battery seat

Super73-Z MIAMI Fat Tyre eBike

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The much anticipated SUPER73-Z Miami has arrived! We've taken the best elements of the iconic ZG and re-engineered the bike from the ground up. With a powerful new motor, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium alloy frame, and a convenient removable battery, the all new Z is the perfect launch point into the world of SUPER73.

Note on product images: Pictured is a US-spec model. The EU model is equipped with 8-speed gearing, front and rear lights, comes without throttle and chain-guard.

Adheres to bicycle laws

All European spec Super73's (sold in Europe and Australia) are natively classified as bicycles, meaning there's no need for a special license to ride them and they don't need to be registered as road vehicles. Just make sure to keep it in road-legal mode when you're riding in public.

Powerful Hub Motor
250w | 45kph top speed

Peak outputs of 1350W achieved depending on the riding mode.

Up to 25km/h in road legal mode.

Up to 45 km/h when using the throttle on private property.

go further, Recharge Anywhere
80km range

The Z Miami provides an estimated 40-80+ km of range depending on the pedal-assist mode and environmental conditions.

Charging on the go is made easy with a removable battery conveniently hidden beneath the seat.

Better Ergonomics
147kg weight limit

Effortless neighborhood exploration is made possible with the SUPER73-Z Miami. With a 71cm comfortable banana style seat and a smaller frame, this model is designed to accommodate riders between 1.4m - 1.8m.

Pedal-assist and throttle modes
Versitile riding

Each bike comes with 4 Pedal Assist Modes, so you can customize your riding mode to your terrain. Use the Super73 App and switch between ride modes to access Off-Road mode and unlock the throttle to reach 45km+ when riding on private property.


Download the App | Unlock all of Super73’s e-bike features and receive over-the-air updates.

Navigation | The app provides turn-by-turn navigation on both the Smart Display and your mobile device.

View Settings | Easily change between pedal assist modes and view your current speed, remaining battery range, and more.

Great coltrol, extended wear
Street Tyres

The Z Miami’s 4” Trooper street tires feature a hybrid micro tread designed for efficient rolling velocity. With good handling on the street, this retro influenced tire is built to tackle the urban landscape with good wear over time.

The Super73 difference
Reliable Quality

Super73 is a well-known brand in the electric bicycle market, and is known for producing high-quality and reliable products. This is an important factor for customers who want a bicycle that will last for a long time and not require frequent repairs or maintenance.

Quality Support, Peace of mind
2 year warranty

Super73 is a reputable company with a good track record of customer service and support. If you have questions or issues with your Super73, you can always feel confident contacting Ben Buckler Boards or Super73 for assistance. Click the button below to learn about Super73's warranty.


An epic little ebike full of style and attitude

Embrace the allure of SUPER73's vibrant spirit as you ride with confidence and flair. Crafted with a robust aircraft-grade aluminium frame, this e-bike effortlessly conquers any urban landscape. Equipped with a large removable battery, the Z-Miami ensures you'll journey farther than ever before. With a carefully designed seat and improved ergonomics, experience the epitome of comfort as you cruise the city streets. Unleash your adventurous spirit and embrace the energy of Miami with the Super73 Z-Miami, the e-bike that's ready to make a statement.

Super73 Z MIAMI Specifications
Frame: 6061 / 7005 aluminium alloy, 1-1/8” to 1.5” tapered head tube
Length x Width x Height  64"x25"x39"
Colors: Sriracha, Powder Grey, Prickly Pink

Super73 48V EPAC 250W limited motor, satin black finish.

Peak outputs of 1350W achieved depending on the riding mode.
Top Speed:

Up to 25km/h (PAS) in mode 1 (Only road legal mode)

“Unlimited Mode” up to 45 km/h with throttle only and full battery (Private Land Use ONLY)

Battery: 615W/H (48v 12.8ah)
Weight: 27 kg
Front Hub: 9 x 135mm, steel axle
Rims: 20”x80mm alloy with lightening cutouts
Tires: Trooper / 4" Front & Rear
Inner Tubes: 20" x 4.5-5”, angled valve stem
Brakes: Mechanical 180/180mm rotors
Suspension: Rigid
Display: Transflective Monochrome LCD + Mobile Device
iOS + Android Compatible: Yes
IoT Connectivity: Optional
Charger: 2A (6-7 hour charge time) 
5A sold separately (2-3 hour charge time)
3-pin AU power cable
Throttle: Thumb throttle (Private Property use Only), optional
Pedal Assist: 4 modes (ECO, TOUR, SPORT, SUPER)
Gearing: 8-Speed
Seat Height: 71 cm
Weight Limit: 147 kg
Head Light LED
Tail Light LED
Horn No


How the Australian Z MIAMI compares to the American Z MIAMI

There are a few subtle differences, mainly because in Australia we follow the ebike laws in Europe, so Super73 have had to customise the bike and independently test for our country.