5 Super Powers of the Exway Flex

The Flexy Deck 

From nose to tail the Flex is packed with features. Why not start with the part of the board featured in its name? The flexy deck! The bamboo and fibreglass deck features parabolic wheel cutouts allowing for a greater variety of wheel options AND drivetrain options! If you don’t like a belt driven board you can switch to hub motor wheels in the blink of an eye, making the Flex truly flexible. The parabolic cutouts curve up in areas designed to allow for better turning control and for a feel that means you will always know where your feet are without having to look down. It’s also less likely your feet will touch the wheels. The head and tail are also angled to improve handling and to make the board easier to pick up. True skaters will definitely appreciate this.

The Brainy Battery

We all know that leaving you battery fully charged while not using your board for extended periods of time can have some pretty nasty effects on its lifespan. If you charge your battery to max and forget to use your board, it’s ok! The Flex’s battery will discharge itself to 60% of its charge so it can be safely stored long term without reducing in battery life.

The Easy Maintenance

The Exway Flex is IP55 certified, making it one of the most rugged and water-resistant boards on the market. If that wasn’t enough, the modular design of the ESC, battery and power system means that everything can be swapped out and changed with little to no effort.

The Twist Trucks

Due to proprietary forging and CNC milling techniques, the Exway’s trucks are stronger than traditional die-cast trucks. Industry-standard bushing sizes mean compatibility with most bushings on the market allowing you further flexibility to customise your carve. The bushings' top and bottom ends are equipped with bowl-shaped gaskets to further improve stability, especially during high-speed sliding. These trucks also feature a hand-cast polyurethane Pivot Cup to improve shock absorption, durability and noise reduction.

The Advanced App

exway app
The Exway app allows for a fully customisable riding experience. 3 preset modes for different skill levels along with further settings to customise acceleration and braking, letting you easily dial in your ride. A turbo function lets you enjoy hair-raising top-speeds of 40km/h. Select your wheel size in the app for more accurate speed and distance calculation. Custom standby time means the board will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity. The user-friendly app allows you to activate cruise control, change gears while moving, enable Free Mode and more.

Tell me more!

If you'd like to learn more about the Exway Flex and the endless array of features packed within, head on over to our product page and have a look! All our Exway boards are on sale at the moment so make sure to grab one while the grabbing's good. Or perhaps you're interested in all the features of the Exway Flex but would rather something in a smaller package? Then head on over and have a look at the Exway Wave. That might be the board for you!