Armoured Base layer - aesthetic and comfortable road protection

Time to chat about road protection! There's a world of rider protection gear out there, most sturdy and reliable, but it can be tricky to find these qualities along with a piece that's easy on the eyes. The Panda Moto motorcycle base layer is exactly this, a sleek and sturdy piece of rider protection that fits in perfectly under your outer layers. 
The under armour definitely isn’t limited to motorcycle riders, we highly recommend this under-layer for all riders on the road looking for maximum protection. Some electric skateboards hit speeds of around 45km/h and this under armour is perfectly suited to those urban speeds. The fact that it’s so light and contouring to your body means it'll have no impact on the feeling of your ride.
You shouldn’t have to pick between safety and style. Pando Moto unapologetically delivers both.

The Breakdown

Pando Moto's Shell 02 is a unisex armoured undershirt designed to wear underneath your favourite jacket, jersey or hoodie and will do an excellent job at protecting you on the bike. 

So what's it made of?

~Constructed from a durable spandex and Dyneema (65%) blend that has excellent abrasion resistant properties.
~Shoulder and elbow protection are pre-fitted and incredibly strong, slim and flexible you'll barely notice it's there!
~Heat-conducting, breathable fabric ensures comfortable rides even in hot weather conditions, together with double mesh on the armpits and sleeves for increased ventilation.
~It comes with the elbow and shoulder Level 1 pads by default. The back protector is an optional extra.
~Due to the comfortable tight cut the armor is secured in place and doesn’t move around.
~Easily removable armour! 
What’s great about the tight fit that hugs your body is the ability to wear these pieces under suits and business attire on the way to work.
They are discrete, comfortable and a vast improvement to your safety in the morning commute. 
Pando Moto has done a fantastic job at creating a product you'll forget you're wearing, using market-leading materials at an incredibly competitive price point - we love them. 
It is quite a snug fit so i’d opt for one to your body size for a tight fit so as you can easily throw something over the top of it. In the photo I am wearing a small but I would probably go XS for future wear.