Ben Buckler Boards are donating 5% of sales to The Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

Image via @redcrossau

The facts surrounding the Australian Bushfire Crisis are staggering. With 24 lives lost, over 8.4 million hectares of land burned, nearly half a billion animals killed and an estimated 1900 properties destroyed, scientists the world over have agreed that the intensity of the 2019/20 bushfire season is the direct result – and new reality – of climate change. 

As the nation reels from the horrors of the ongoing bushfire crisis, the response from the Australian community has been a great example of the generosity and mateship of the Aussie spirit. It’s been amazing to see so many businesses, brands, musicians, artists and public figures come together for such an important cause. 

The response has been heartening and the Ben Buckler Boards team believe that more immediate long-term changes must occur to avoid these natural disasters becoming the norm. This can start from small daily habits to large-scale industrial change. This is why we are such big believers in alternative, environmentally-friendly transport, and why we’ve chosen to sell items like electric skateboards and bikes that reduce CO2 emissions, one of the main contributors to climate change. 

Image via @abcaustralia

To help out in the face of the immediate crisis, Ben Buckler Boards will be donating 5% of all sales, up to $100 donation per order, until 24 Jan (that’s a couple Fridays away) to The Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery. We hope you can help us lend a hand to those in need, and if you’d like to investigate more into how other organisations are helping, you can look at the ABC Appeals page. You can also make your voice heard on climate change and the bushfire response by signing these petitions: 

Protect Australians from Bushfire Threat

Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action

You can also read this informative article on the best practice approach to helping those impacted by bushfires: Bushfire relief: How you can help frontline services and what actions hinder efforts

Let’s band together during this difficult time.