Best Places To Paddle Board in Sydney

SUP lessons & hire locations

With stand up paddle boarding growing fast within Australia, writing about the best spots in Sydney to go paddle boarding seemed like an awesome idea. You’ll see below the best places we have suggested to go paddle boarding in Sydney, and even some sneaky reviews of SUP schools.

Pittwater SUP lessons

Paddleboarding in Pittwater
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Probably one of the most amazing places you could go paddle boarding. The water is perfect for beginners because it is very calm. You are able to hire a paddle board from Paddlecraft which is along Pittwater Road. Avalon Stand Up Paddle boarding has also been highly recommended by many people. If you want to check out some reviews on them I’ll attach the link below. From what I have read, it’s probably one of the best places to get lessons on how to Paddle Board, especially if you are a beginner. The guy who runs the lessons is apparently very nice, and everyone always has a great time! I recently enquired about pricing and when I could book a lesson. All I can say is VERY friendly, and probably the most informative SUP store.


For more info, visit:


Cronulla Beach SUP lessons

Cronulla SUP flat water class
There are many lessons being conducted around Cronulla, so this is a perfect place for children and beginners who are enthusiastic to learn. Many beginners tend to hit Gunnamatta bay to practice because it’s quieter than the beaches along the esplanade. The experienced paddle boarders can hit the beaches along the esplanade to take on some waves! Cronulla Stand Up Paddle Board Shop & School is the place to hire your gear and get started!! I’ve attached some reviews below:

“Just had my first 3 stand up paddle board lessons over the past 3 weeks. It was fantastic fun and beautiful weather. The coaches make it vey informative and interesting. A perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Definitely recommend.”

– Matthew 2014

“Such a fantastic display of assorted SUPs, very affordable, awesome expertise service. Todd was fantastic, I highly recommend them.”

– Christina, 2016-11-24


Rose Bay SUP lessons

Rose bay SUP hire
There are countless beautiful views at Rose Bay, evident through of a lot of people choosing to have their wedding at this location. It is just below the Rose Bay Police Station, and is a small area.

Paddle boarders can come here and practice, as it often is calm and flat. There are a few paddle board hire shops nearby; Oz SUP centres and Rose Bay Aquatic Hire.


If you want to read more reviews you can Google the centre and it should come up. Regardless, this would possibly be one of my top 3 choices for paddle boarding.

Watsons Bay SUP lessons

Watsons Bay SUP lessons and group sessions

Watsons Bay is calm, absolutely stunning and perfect for beginners to start their lessons here. An absolute gem, and perfect location. You are able to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge from here (glimpses of it at least), and views of Sydney’s beautiful CBD. Camp Cove Beach is right next-door, which you can aim to paddle to and have a relaxing afternoon.

In terms of lessons and hiring of stand up paddling boards, I’d go with the SUP school located in Watsons Bay. You can find them here:  


Coogee Beach

Probably not the suggestion you expected, but Coogee is actually a nice beach to go paddle boarding, as it has a beautiful view and the waves are calmer than its neighbouring beaches Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte.


Balmoral Beach SUP lessons

Balmoral Beach paddle board hire

I’ve saved this one for last because personally it’s one of my favourite locations ever! It’s perfect for stand up paddle boarding, and definitely great for beginners because of the calm waters.

You can rent paddle boards along the main strip, for half a day or a full day. Check out Don’t hesitate to give them a ring, they are really friendly!

There is also the option of which is a SUP school were you can learn if you are totally new to paddle boarding. They have a great range of options and their instructors are awesome!


Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

  • Always start in calm, flat water
  • The board should not feel tippy when you are standing on it
  • If the board is too tippy after several tries, you may need a larger board
  • Grip the paddle with one hand on the centre of the shaft and the other on the top of the paddle
  • PADDLES BOARDS FLOAT – you won’t sink!
  • When you stand up on your paddle board make sure to keep a slight bend in your knees
  • Always hold the paddle from the top (it’s not a broomstick)
  • Grip on the paddle should be shoulder width apart to have a stronger stroke
  • Spread your shoulders and keep your feet parallel.