Blur Boundaries MOLLE for Super73

What is a MOLLE?

You might be asking the same question i asked when seeing this product; what on earth is a MOLLE

The word MOLLE its self is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and backpacks. 

In the electric bike world, it is specifically designed by Blur Boundaries as an accessory for your Super73, accomodating to external load bearing needs.We recently have received in some excellent stock of centre and side fit MOLLE's so we thought we'd walk you through them. 

The Centre MOLLE for SUPER73 RX-E & S2-E

Caring the lines of the frame to create a dynamic shape and multi-pattern allows to attach different size velcro and M5 bolts. The vertical slots are perfect to attach standard bike cup holders.  We have them in 16 gauge steel and powder coated in black, red or champagne gold.

The one featured on Omar's bike below is the perfect example of how you are able to customise your Super73 to your taste. 


The Rear Side MOLLE for SUPER73 RX-E & S2-E

This was specifically designed to work with Chrome Industries handlebar bags. Due to the unique design of the cut out pattern it will not work with all bags.
The narrow vertical slots are perfect to bolt on M5 for attaching other accessories. 


These ones we have available in black, red and gold. Gold is my personal favourite but it's completely up to your preference! i feel like they certainly do add a personalised charm to your SUPER73 along with their practicality aspects. 

Can't wait to see how our SuperSquad will utilize this MOLLE panel.