Evolve Demo Day - 13 March

11am to 2pm on Saturday the 13th of March

This will be your opportunity to meet the Evolve Skateboard Team in Sydney. Like a group of travelling rock stars they have become popular through their Youtube channel and pursuit of the perfect electric skateboard. So write those questions down and drop in to meet and greet.

For those considering purchasing a new electric skateboard, you'll also have the opportunity to demo ride the whole range of Evolve skateboards. No bookings needed.

On top of that you'll have access to a free sausage sizzle... and $150 off all Evolve GTR skateboards!

So get into Ben Buckler Boards anyway you can and we'll see you here:

Ben Buckler Boards

Warehouse 57 (up the ramp)
76B Edinburgh Rd
Marrickville, NSW, 2204


Start checking out the range of Evolve Skateboards via this link.