Greaser electric bike review

Oh My Gosh! This bike is so much fun!!!

Hahahaha, I’m still laughing from the excitement of the ride, I’m going to struggle to describe it. We’ll need to create a video, but for now I’ll write as much sensible stuff as I can here.

Ok so the Greaser electric bike is amazing, it rides like a cruiser motor bike but with the light-weight agility of a bicycle. The 250Watt motor is surprisingly powerful and keeps a smile on my face the whole ride time. It’s a pedelec bike, which means you just push the pedals and the electric motor kicks in. I barely needed to push the pedals at all. The motor propels you forward at an exhilarating speed, so you need to make sure there is space in front of you before you pedal or be ready on the brakes.

On my first ride, I got home in record time through Sydney traffic, faster than the car and pretty much anything else. I played with the 5 power settings to get the most out of the bike. I found myself taking detours and exploring quiet streets just so I could enjoy the ride longer. Two rides later I remembered it has gears! Even more sweet adjustments to play with. I found hills to experiment with the combination of power mode and gears. The bike took me up moderate Sydney hills at roughly 17km/h with no pedaling effort. So all of a sudden the drudgery of a facing up a hill on a bicycle disappears and with the Greaser electric bike, riding up hills is now FUN.

It’s such an accessible form of transport, you don’t need to be fit to ride this electric bike. If you are new to riding, you can stick to bike paths while you are learning, then venture out into the traffic at your own pace.

Greaser electric bike in black with white tyre walls


About the Greaser design

You’ll need to get used to people turning heads to look at you and your amazing bike. The bike design is gorgeous to look at and feels so unique. The development of electric bikes is tearing up the age-old bike design rules and allowing original designs to move you in style.

I love everything about this bike. The mud guards are practical and look beautiful. The leather hand grips and seat add that luxury cruiser bike feel. The headlight works well and looks the part. And oh! those fat, fat tyres with the white walls, how cool are they!

Greaser electric bike front wheel and headlight

Brown leather seat on the Greaser electric bike

About the Greaser build

High quality construction is evident in the frame joins, paintwork and assembly. Plus high quality parts such as Bafang, Samsung, Tektro, Joytech and Shimano are used as standard. There are extra mounting screws made available on the rear of the frame for adding pannier racks or baby seats.

The disk brakes feel good and you come to rely on them as your speed increases in urban areas. Generally the bike feels robust, solid and kinda heavy, but weight is not an issue when the electric motor does all the work.

Disk brake close up on the Greaser electric bike

Bafang electric bike motor close up

In Summary

Fun, fun and more fun to be had on the Greaser electric bikes. Quality bike, worth every cent, gets you to work and is perfectly legal to ride in NSW and the rest of Australia.

Now all you need to do is make some space at home for it and order a Greaser electric bike from Ben Buckler Boards in Sydney.