Hadean-Evolve's supercar-inspired electric skateboard


Have you been in search for an Electric skateboard that is highly powerful, fast and easy on the eyes? No need to look further, Evolve Skate has you covered with the new Hadean series launched today.
This attractive new number was inspired by super car structure, standing out amongst the others as a highly advanced piece of technology. The Hadean series speaks to everything they (and we) have imagined since they started, a vision in the electric skate world and a beyond words experience to ride.

What does the Hadean give us?

more power,
more speed,
longer ride times,
an all-round immersive rider experience.

The in’s and out’s 

The whole electric system has been re-designed with more power performance and packed into a sleek exterior that is in no way bulky or uneasy on the eyes. 
It’s truly unique, stepping apart from previous electric boards. The battery alone is 37% larger in size than the GTR, giving Hadean a powerful, speedy advantage.
Meaning! Your ride will be longer and your speed consistent throughout.
What’re two things that come to mind when you think of Electric Skateboards? If they are Performance control and reliability keep reading.
Not only will your ride on the Hadean be smoother with the new breaking system, it will also be super quiet allowing you to enjoy your surroundings. 
Hard start up? No worries, the Hadean can handle it! It can also handle up to 100 kilos in rider weight and yes this has been tested out in the real world.  
The size is pretty similar to the GTR however the deck stance is slightly wider, giving you that foot lock stance that makes for a more stable ride.
And who doesnt love options, Evolve have provided the design both in a carbon fibre material as well as bamboo, we spoiled for choice really.

The options

The Carbon Board is Incredibly strong forged carbon fibre and has allowed for an innovative deck shape to be created marking a first in the world of electric skateboards.
The Bamboo Board Features similar motors and batteries but with greater flexibility under foot and a different style of ride.
Evolve have also created each style with either street wheels or bulkier terrain wheels to accommodate all styles of rides! A great bonus as you will not be limited as to where you can go for an awesome riding experience. 

And Don’t forget about the remote! A very important asset to this board. 

The cleverly redesigned Bluetooth hand remote is a prime addition. It controls accelerating and braking as well as allowing control over the board's new lighting system that includes real-time hazard lights for braking. It is encased in an armour made of rubber allowing it to be weather durable. Perfect for your day ride as well as night time. 
In short, the Hadean is built for those who want more speed, more range, more smarts and A LOT more power. An innovative design that you will want to get your hands on.