The Limited Edition GTR Bamboo from Evolve is here now!

Unveiling the Exclusive 'I Am Your Future' GTR Electric Skateboard: A Limited Edition Masterpiece by Evolve

In the world of electric skateboards, innovation knows no bounds. And when legacy meets cutting-edge technology, it gives birth to something truly extraordinary. Introducing the limited edition 'I Am Your Future' GTR Electric Skateboard from Evolve, a stunning fusion of heritage and advancement that's bound to leave you awe-struck.

Evolve GTR bamboo limited edition i am your future electric skateboard white street wheels.

Aesthetic Brilliance

At first glance, the 'I Am Your Future' GTR Bamboo captures your attention with its mesmerizing laser-etched custom design on the deck, featuring the iconic "Evolve Chimp". This intricate design pays homage to the Snubnose Generation 1 Series, reviving the legendary 'Evolve Chimp' motif that became a hallmark in 2011. The deck is crafted from a blend of 3-Ply Bamboo and 2-Ply Fiberglass, ensuring both durability and flexibility for a captivating ride.

Evolve GTR bamboo i am your future limited edition electric skateboard clear battery housing

Craftsmanship Redefined

The attention to detail poured into the creation of the 'I Am Your Future’ GTR Bamboo is nothing short of astonishing. The transparent clear hex grip on the deck not only adds to its visual allure but also guarantees an unmatched level of traction, securing your footing for an exhilarating ride. The silver trucks, with their sophisticated flair, seamlessly complement the intricate design. Notably, the clear battery and motor controller case offer a window into the realm of cutting-edge technology that powers this remarkable skateboard.

Evolve GTR Bamboo limited edition i am your future electric skateboard all terrain.

Conquer Every Terrain

Equipped with a strategic 7-inch wheel setup, the Evolve 7” wheels are intelligently selected to conquer a diverse range of terrains. From rough asphalt to uneven footpaths, and even grassy expanses, these wheels elevate your riding experience to unparalleled heights. But here's where it gets even more exciting – the optional 2-in-1 wheel conversion kit lets you effortlessly switch between street and off-road configurations. Whether you seek the smooth elegance of city streets or the thrill of venturing off the beaten path, this board delivers an unmatched riding experience tailored to your mood.

Evolve GTR bamboo limited edition i am your future electric skateboard white street wheels

The Collector's Dream

The 'I Am Your Future’ GTR Bamboo isn't just a skateboard; it's a testament to exclusivity and artistry. This limited edition piece isn't just meant to be ridden; it's meant to be cherished. The fusion of legacy design with state-of-the-art technology makes this skateboard a collector's dream, a masterpiece that resonates with the past while embracing the future.

Evolve GTR bamboo limited edition i am your future electric skateboard white street wheels side view.

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Unveiling the Specifications

Deck Materials 3-Ply Bamboo, 2-Ply Fiberglass
Deck Length 96cm / 38 inches
Wheel Base Adjustable - 94cm to 91cm / 37 to 36 inches
Trucks Evolve Super Carve Trucks - 30.6cm (12") width, 8mm axles
Wheels Evolve 7" pneumatic all-terrain wheels, compatible with various wheel kits
Motors Dual 3000w-rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors
Motor Controller / ESC Evolve Custom Dual-Motor Driver with Bluetooth connectivity
Battery 14AH, 504WH, 10S4P, 18650 Cells
Recharge Time 4 - 5 hours
Remote Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body
Weight Street: 11.1kg; All Terrain: 12.1kg
Range Street: 50km; All Terrain: 30km
Top Speed Street: 44kph; All Terrain: 38kph
Max Load 100kg / 220lb
Suitable Terrain Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads, and footpaths
Hills 30% +
Braking FOC regenerative braking with adjustable curves
Aesthetics Traditional-styled bamboo deck with concave for grip & comfort

Your Ultimate Experience Awaits

What's in the box? The 'I Am Your Future' GTR Bamboo Skateboard, a marvel that promises an unforgettable ride. The package includes the Street Conversion Kit with Evolve 97mm White Wheels & 32T Gears, or the All-Terrain Conversion Kit if selected. And that's not all – the Evolve Carry Case houses the Phaze Remote, a Fast Charger, Y-Tool, Spare Screws, a Manual, and a Sticker Pack.

In a world of electric skateboards, the 'I Am Your Future' GTR Bamboo stands as a limited edition masterpiece that seamlessly marries the legacy of design with the forefront of technology. This isn't just a skateboard; it's a collector's item that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and adventure. Own a piece of the future, today.

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