Lacroix Lonestar VS FLux Motion AT2

We want to share with you our comparison of two sick skateboards! A few weeks ago we went out to film an awesome comparison of the Flux motion AT2 and the Nazare Lonestar. We absolutely love both of these brands and the guys at ben buckler boards love riding them. One of the main things we do when we take on new brands is we test them out. This is what the team was stoked to be doing with these two boards;  testing out the specs and hopefully sharing with you what these boards are about to help you make your decision when you purchase one of these electric skateboards

These boards are the best of the best and definitely worth the price, we want to show you why!


We headed down to the Olympic car park in Homebush with our boards, crew and riders. The space was absolutely perfect for our video comparison, as the aim was to do a drag race with our two separate boards and riders to see who came out ahead. 


Duncan - A part of the Ben Buckler Board staff and family. He has been at the company for years and has years of riding experience. His new favourite board is now the flux motion AT2!

Anthony- from the Sydney Electric Skateboarders group. He’s been riding since 2017 and owns the Lacroix Lonestar which he has had for 6 months now. 

Both Duncan and Anthony are very accomplished riders and put each other  through their paces, showing the viewer what happens when the Lonestar and Flux go head to head in a race. 

In the head to head comparison the Lonestar came out ahead, then the two riders switched boards and Anthony managed to edge Duncan out on the Flux. 


  • If you are a heavier rider then consider going to the Lacroix if you want to beat other riders in a drag race. 
  • Running the motor pulleys; what motor pulleys you put on can have a big effect on the torque, the top range. If you want to get more torque out of your board you would run a lower tooth pulley. 
  • The Lonestar accelerates faster due to the instant torque and has much bigger motors. 
  • Turning capabilities: Anthony had his board set up on the softest bushings due to his lighter ride weight. For his set up he runs blues on the front and yellow bushings on the back allowing him to carve like a surfboard. 
  • The Flux is running the stock orange bushings blocks which are medium allowing for really good stability if you are wanting to go faster. 
  • The Lacroix has all proprietary parts; they made their own ESC’s, Storm Cores, trucks, high end hyper trucks, dexter enclosure. 
  • The Flux uses more off the shelf parts; BKB Zenith which is really great esc and available to everyone, MBS trucks. They design their own battery PCBS, Deck and Enclosure. The Flux is more affordable and you get more range than on the Nazare. If you compare the Flux to the Lonestar, you get a bit more range on the Lonestar but not by much. 


  • If you want the best of the best and have the money for a precision range you would go for the Lacroix as it is definitely the more premium product.  The Lacroix has an extra level of refinement, when you ride it you can feel yourself being locked into the deck. 
  • If you are looking for a stable board thats got speed, range and is more affordable the Flux is awesome. The Flux represents really good value for money 


Lacroix Lonestar

Flux Motion

The motors


  • 120km expected range
  • 80km expected range

Top Speed (a factor that can changed depending on what gears, wheels you have - this is the specs on the day we tested the boards)

  • The flux had the exact same gear ratio - however the motor pulley was 15 teeth and the wheel pulley was 68. 
  • Flux wheels were 200mm 8 inch 
  • About 50 km top speed



  • Flip sky VX1
  • Thumb wheel

Additional features


Deck Length

  • 97 x 28cm 




  • Rider intro: 1:20
  • The race: 2:11
  • Turning circle test- 5:40
  • Rider’s Review- 6:31
  • Motor Pulleys - 7:00
  • Turning capabilities: 8:07
  • Lacroix perks: 9:15
  • Flux perks: 9: 27
  • Final Thoughts: 10:31
  • The motors: 11:08
  • Range: 12:55
  • Top speed: 13:29
  • ESC’s: 14:35
  • Remote: 15.37
  • Additional features: 16:40
  • Trucks: 17:29
  • Deck Length: 19:64