My Lime e bike doesn't work :(

 swap lime e bike for Super73 SG1

Is this something that you find yourself asking - time and time again?
It could be time to find a new solution.

Escape the expense of train fares

no more expensive train fares

Do you often use electric bike hire for getting from A -> B because you are overwhelmed by the inconvenience of driving, and the expense of train fares in your city? Maybe you should consider purchasing your own form of electric transport.

Wouldn't it be great to own your own electric bike?

Super73 electric bike is the way to go!

Super73 SG1

Ben Buckler Boards in Marrickville has the latest range of Super73 Electric Bikes.

These are the benefits you could be enjoying with your very own Super73 SG1:

  • Super73 Electric Bikes do not require apps to ride, just get on and pedal.

  • This is your own bike, you are in control of where your bike is placed. Just ride it, then and store it at home afterwards.

  • There are no fees in riding a Super73 Electric Bike, it's your own to ride  at no charge!

  • The batteries in the Super73 Electric Bike are rechargeable via a standard wall-socket. Just plug it into your wall socket once you return home.
    Also many places in the city have wall sockets for public use.

  • When you buy one of these bikes, it's yours - no need to share with anyone else - unless you want to of course.

More Information about this awesome electric bike:

Super73 SG and SG1 are high performance, long range-electric motorbikes. With no license or registration needed, these bikes have an average battery range of 30-70km for the charge. 

Ride comfortably at 25kph and safely with our 20″x4″ fat tires. 

Complete with a powerful retro headlight, rear brake light and a sturdy cargo rack, it’s a perfect and unique commuter vehicle or weekend cruiser.
Pack your gym bag, box of tools, and you’re set from morning to night.

Book a test-ride with us

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We're located at Warehouse 57 (up the ramp), 76B Edinburgh Rd. Marrickville, NSW, 2204.
We're open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and by appointment on weekends.