New Onewheel's Launched!

All the latest info on the newest Onewheel's

 New onewheel line up

Onewheel recently launched a brand new product line up via their Youtube channel and it's created a flurry of interest from customers everywhere. On this page you'll get the opportunity to register your interest and be at the front of the queue when it comes time to launching them in Australia next year in 2022.


Expected arrival date in Australia?

Onewheel are yet to release timing and pricing for Australian customers. However we are guessing that we'll see them between April and June 2022.

Australian pricing for the Onewheel GT and Pint X?

We expect the Onewheel GT will be around $3,800AUD inc GST and freight.

We expect the Pint X will be around $2,400AUD inc GST and freight.

The pricing in 2022 will depend on the USD vs AUD at the time, as well as shipping rates (hopefully shipping gets cheaper in 2022 :)