Exciting New Super73 Accessories.


Our shelves are now stocked with an incredible range of new Super73 accessories that are perfect for customising and personalising your ride.

You won't believe the options we have in store to help you showcase your unique style and make your Super73 bike truly yours. Get ready to level up your ride with:

Indicator lights from Loomenade.

Loomende Indicator lights for super73.

The Loomenade indicator kit effortlessly links to the turn signal connectors on your Super73, precisely as intended. Both the front and rear lights synchronise flawlessly, emitting simultaneous flashes. Not only do they boast an appealing appearance, but they also serve as a valuable enhancement to your Super73 eBike.

Extended Seats for the Super73.

Brown extended seat for super73 s2-e.Introducing the limited edition extended seat for the Super73 S2-E! This custom-made seat, crafted in Australia, is designed for those seeking added comfort and luxury for their bike, along with the convenience of having a spot for kids to ride along. The extended seat is also beneficial for taller individuals riding the Super73. Get your hands on one of these custom extended seats while supplies last. We recommend considering foot pegs for the kids and potentially an extra set of handlebars.

Centre Molle for the Super73 S2-E and RX-E.

Centre Molle for Super73

The seamless integration of style and practicality is flawlessly showcased in our new molle panel. Its design effortlessly merges sleek contours and a dynamic form, allowing for the hassle-free attachment of Velcro and M5 bolts of different sizes. The vertically-oriented slots are purposefully crafted to easily accommodate standard bike cup holders. We are eagerly anticipating the creative and inventive uses the SuperSquad will uncover for this versatile MOLLE panel.

Crafted from resilient 16-gauge steel, this panel boasts exceptional durability, ensuring it stands up to the demands of everyday use. To add a touch of sophistication, it is coated in an elegant black powder finish.

Foot Pegs.

Foot Pegs for Super73.


Compatible with the Super73 S2-E and RX-E e-bikes. Made out of CNC'd Aluminium, these foot pegs are perfect to add at the back of your Super73 bike.

Cargo Crate by Super73.

Cargo crate for Super73.

Effortlessly safeguard your possessions with the SUPER73 Modular Cargo Crate. This versatile storage solution seamlessly attaches to the SUPER73-R Series and S2 models using the necessary Rear Rack, while also being compatible with the S1 and OG models with their built-in rear frame. Whether you're embarking on a grocery run, making deliveries, or simply need to keep your essentials within reach during your ride, this Cargo Crate has got you covered. Each crate is thoughtfully equipped with a cargo net, ensuring that your items remain securely in place throughout your journey. With the SUPER73 Modular Cargo Crate, you can confidently tackle any adventure knowing your belongings are safely stored and easily accessible.

Fast Charger for Super73.

Fast charger for Super73 electric bikes.

For the dedicated rider, nothing but a high-performance charge will do. Elevate your charging game with this 5 amp battery charger, tailored for riders who need to recharge on the go. Designed to swiftly replenish your battery between rides, this charger outperforms the standard 3 amp charger that typically accompanies most SUPER73 ebikes, enabling you to reach a full charge in less time.

Replacement Batteries for the S2-E and RX-E.

Battery for Super73.

The S2/R-Series Battery 48V / 20Ah is the literal powerhouse behind your SUPER73 ebike's standout performance. It is removable for your charging convenience and is compatible with our standard Super73 charger. When you're ready to ride, just slide your battery back into the tray and enjoy our simple auto-lock feature.

Battery Extension Cable for Super73.

Extension cable for super73.

Now you can easily relocate your Super73 battery with this handy cable extension! It's a Higo L615 battery extension cable for Super73 R-Series and S2. Adds 35cm to your battery cable allowing for the battery to be mounted at the neck of the bike. 

Centre Storage Compartments for Super73 Bikes.

Centre storage compartment for Super73.

Experience the pinnacle of storage and style with this remarkable center storage bag. With its two conveniently accessible compartments on each side, you'll have seamless entry to your belongings.

Effortlessly store essentials such as your laptop, bike repair kit, first aid kit, or even your lunch with ease. This bag not only adds a wealth of functionality to your RX-E, but it also elevates its aesthetic with a genuine motorbike-inspired appearance.

Unlock the full potential of your ride while enhancing its visual appeal with this exceptional center storage bag. It's the perfect fusion of practicality and sophistication, ensuring you have everything you need while turning heads along the way.

Handheld Electric Pump.

Hand Held Electric Pump.

This amazing little pump fits in your backpack or bike bag, it's easily recharged via USB, and it might save your ride! Perfect for pumping you bike, skateboard pneumatics, Onewheel or even your car!

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