Our COVID Lock Down Update

Sydney is currently going through a COVID lock down which sucks, but we've been through this before so we know how to be safe and take care of our customers.

In fact, our front of store sales staff are both vaccinated, so you will be served by someone who already has the COVID vaccine to help reduce the spread.

What we're doing to help stop the spread:

- We have free masks and free hand sanitiser onsite for visitors.

- We are asking visitors to wear masks, remain outside our store and we will bring goods to you and remain at a 1.5m distance.

- We sanitise products and surfaces such as helmets, handle bars and remotes.

- Masks and gloves are being worn constantly in store and by our despatch staff to ensure all online orders are sent safely.

What you can do to help:

- Order via our website where possible and wait at home for the delivery.

- Where it is essential to test ride in person, please bring your own helmet, check in via the Service NSW app, wear a mask, hand sanitise and remain outside the store.

- Where it is essential to pick up in person, please remain outside of the store and wear a mask.

- Please do not visit us if you are feeling unwell.

- We love you, but please don't try to shake our hands. A thumbs-up is good enough for us :)

Thank you all so much, with your help we'll get the Australian COVID infection rate back down to zero.