Paddleboarding: Your 3-Step checklist to hitting the water this weekend

Did someone say weekend? Definitely. Did someone else say stand up paddle boarding? Yep, us. Not that you needed an excuse. Take advantage of the outdoors and head out for a cruisy paddle under the glorious Aussie sun with our super simple, three-step checklist. We even alliterated it for you. 


This would actually make more sense if it was titled “Check” instead of “Search” but that would completely ruin the three “s” thing I have going on so just roll with it ok? 

Basically, search out where you want to go beforehand. You never know what sweet little hidden gem you’re going to find. If you’re a Sydney-sider like the Ben Buckler Boards crew, we recommend scoping out Gordon’s Bay. On a calm day, you can jump on your paddle board at Coogee and scoot around the headland, just make sure you check the swell beforehand to make sure you don’t inadvertently chuck yourself in some gnarly barrels (or I don’t know, you might want that?) 

Do a quick equipment check, and make sure you’ve got everything you need. Paddleboard, (duh), paddle (duh), leash. I know all the cool cats think leashes are kooky, but you need a leash. Most beaches these days are crowded, and SUPs are big and they hurt when they hit you. 


Once, I saw a guy slowly accelerate out of a parking space, forgetting about his unsecured boards on top. Even though they gently slipped off into a neat little pile behind his car, it was enough to instill the fear in me. Always double check your boards are tied down properly, and if you’re new to the concept, watch a few video tutorials and practice first. 

Another hot tip, it’s good to have an idea of how much height your paddleboards add to the top of your car for any height limits you might encounter – ripped out finboxes suck. 

Secure your leash, secure your fins, secure your paddle handle. Worst case scenario, if you do damage your board, bring it back in and we can fix them for you. 


That’s literally it! Told you it was only three steps. Check where you’re going, check you’ve got what you need, and check that you’re gonna get there okay. If you’re new to paddle boarding (welcome!) go slow and enjoy yourself. 

Time to get out there!