Selecting a helmet for riding in Winter

If you're like us and enjoy riding early mornings and after work in Winter, then you'll need a helmet that keeps your head warm. So we've reviewed and tested some great helmet options here for you.

When you're riding an electric skateboard or an electric bike, you'll typically be travelling faster and longer than traditional bicycles, without building up internal heat through intense cardio work. So you may come to realise that traditional bicycle helmets may not be as suitable for Winter as you'd expect.


1) Bern Morrison Bicycle Helmet

We started off with the Morrison Helmet by Bern. It's a very comfy, high quality, light weight helmet designed for mountain biking. It provides great sun protection and maximum air ventilation. 

Men's Morrison Bike Helmet by Bern

Whilst it's good protection against the Winter sun in Australia, the cold air rushing into your head can give you brain freeze on a cold day. And you'll still need protective eyewear. Clear glasses are a valuable accessory for night riding.

Certification: AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN1078, CPSC


2) Protec Classic Snow Helmet

In looking for a warmer helmet, we tried out the Pro-Tec Classic Snow Helmet. Designed primarily for use in the snow we figured this would be a sure bet to stopping our brain freeze. It's definitely warmer that a traditional bicycle helmet, with it's comfy ear warmers, extra internal padding and reduced air inflow vents around the skull. It also as a cozy chin strap for extra feel good factor and removable ear pads with a neck curtain!

Pro-Tec Classic Snow Helmet

But alas, cold air still flows directly into your face while you're riding, so we moved on in our search for the perfect Winter helmet. That being said, it is the most cost effective helmet we reviewed, around the $120AUD mark and it will double as a snowboarding or skiing helmet, so superb value for money on this Protec Classic Snow Helmet. 

Certification: AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN1078, CPSC

Yep, it is kinda surprising that Pro-Tec would certify a snow helmet for cycling in Australia, but hey, that's perfect for riding a bike in the snow and cold Winter roads.


3) Ruroc RG1-DX Snow Helmet

Wow, what a helmet this Ruroc is! Predominantly designed for the snow, these helmets are now being used all over the world on electric skateboards and electric bikes because they look amazing, provide full face protection and warmth.

Ruroc RG1-DX Chaos Helmet for snowboarding

For us though, on our daily rides, the removing of the chin guard and googles when putting the helmet on and off became too fiddly and time consuming for a regular commuter.

Plus they are not certified for bicycle use in Australia, so that means it's against the law in Australia to use them while riding an electric bike. However you can use them on an electric skateboard or Onewheel because skateboards don't require riders to wear helmets by law.

Certification:  EN1077A, EN1078, ASTM F2040


4) TSG Pass Skateboard Helmet

Enter the TSG Pass skateboard helmet! A full face, light weight helmet designed for downhill skateboarding by champion Martin Siegrist. The compact shell and its aerodynamic design allow for an unrestrained speed rush through the cold nights while keeping your face warm and intact.

It's a simple one piece shell with a ratchet visor which makes throwing on a helmet for the ride home super easy. It's super comfy too!


 TSG Pass Skateboarding Helmet

Air vents and an anti-fog mouth piece direct your exhaust away from the visor so it doesn't fog up while riding.

Easy motorcycle straps, with push button clip allow you can adjust and tighten the strap each time you put it on.

Two visors come with the helmet, one tinted and the other clear for night riding, so you have maximum flexibility out of the box.

Whilst it's an awesome helmet and certified to European cycling standards and American downhill skateboarding standards, TSG haven't certified these helmets for bicycle use in Australia, so legally you can't wear it while cycling in Australia. But since skateboarding currently doesn't require helmets by law, you can apparently wear anything while skateboarding in Australia.

Certification: EN1078, ASTM F1952, CPSC


Australian standards certification for bicycle helmets

According to the ACCC, the European standard EN 1078 - Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) bicycle helmet standard are the most widely used bicycle helmet standards in the world.

Currently it is not legal to use bicycle helmets on a bicycle that comply with these other standards unless they also comply with Australian bicycle helmet standard AS/NZS 2063:2008.