Sunny Season is Stand-up Paddle Board Season

Did anyone feel that sudden but welcome shift into warmer weather? I found myself being able to get out of bed without 10 layers on and reintroduce shorts back into my life. As soon as it gets warmer and the air starts to smell of summer my mind goes directly to the beach… Swimming, surfing, paddle-boarding, you name it. So I thought I'd share some insight into our top notch paddle boards. That’s right, it's easy to forget in the colder months that we do paddle boards as well. But the sun's out and we are ready to accommodate to the stand up paddle board lifestyle!

Not too long ago Ben took the lovely Bee out for a paddle board in Cronulla. The video is below if you wanted to have a look! I thought I would delve in a bit further to explain the in’s and out’s of the two stand up paddle boards we have to offer.



Fibreglass SUPS

These beauties are great for the  surf and flat water. You can see Bee on the Toes Nose Pink Paddle board, they are also featured in a white and yellow. 

The set in wooden head stop and tail stop give the board extra strength and retro design class! I personally love the sleek look and feel of them, they honestly hold a presence of their own. 

What comes with them you ask?

The paddle board comes with a Ben Buckler Board diamond deck grip, carry handle, breathing hole, leg rope anchor and 3 FCS fins.

Wahoo, it's quite the combination?

I’ve been paddle boarding a handful of times in my life and can confidently say this board is excellent for any rider- ability from beginner to expert. They glide so smoothly through surf and flat water, all you need to do is pick your board size based on your weight.

Check our range of fibreglass paddle boards here.

Inflatable SUPS


Inflatable stand up paddle boards


When I was first told about them I wondered how they could be so sturdy as well as inflatable. When I had a look I was incredibly impressed. Whilst the fibre glass boards are so sick, not every car can fit them in readily. These boards deflate down to a foldable medium, and then can be put right in the boot! 

They are also incredibly sturdy and feel the consistency of the fibre glass boards when fully inflated. 

Not to mention these artistic inflatable paddle boards are gorgeous to look at, awesome to paddle and made with high quality materials.

As an artist myself it was so great to learn each design is done by amazing artists in Europe.  They really do stand out in the crowd. 

Our inflatable paddle boards come as a full package which includes:

  • a 3 piece adjustable paddle
  • hand pump,
  • tough backpack
  • FCS fins
  • repair kit.

Honestly just a great find! So there you have it, our paddle boards compared and explained! We cannot wait for summer to be in full swing, you can bet we will be out on our boards as much as we can! 

Check out our range of inflatable paddle boards here.