Test Riding Electric Skateboards in Sydney

Evolve Test Ride at Ben Buckler Boards in Marrickville

Ben Buckler Boards hold demo days to meet, eat and have fun testing out the world's best electric skateboards in a safe demonstration area. 

Earlier this year the Evolve team joined us, to showcase their latest GTR skateboards, chat with us and provide us with very useful advice. They are a very helpful electric skateboard team.

Evolve GTX at Ben Buckler Boards

As you can see from the video, we had an awesome turnout! Many hotdogs were eaten - so many in fact, I had to nip off to the local shops halfway through to stock up on bread!

The turnout included riders with a large range of boards, including Evolve, Boosted, Onewheel, Riptide, DIY Boards and also other devices such as foot-pushed boards, electric scooters and electric unicycles.

The demonstration area here is so large, it's an ideal location to practice your riding & carving, with a nice long stretch and a fun ramp at the end - to test out the incline abilities of your boards.

Electric Skateboards on Ben Buckler Boards ramp

If you haven't ridden an electric board before, this is also an ideal place to learn.
The riding area is very wide, making it a very safe place for beginners to practice.

Come Visit Ben Buckler Boards

Whether you are an experienced electric skateboard rider or completely new to electric skateboards, come into Ben Buckler Boards any weekday, and have a chat with us. 

You are very welcome to test ride our range of skateboards and we can help assist you in finding the skateboard most suited to you. Our team have the experience to advise you on your choice of board and how to ride them.

Ben Buckler Boards, has a large range of electric skateboards available to be tested, including Evolve GT/GTX/GTR, Boosted Stealth, Boosted Mini and the Onewheel XR. Click on the electric skateboards in the navigation above to see the full range.

We also stock a large range of electric skateboard accessories and parts.

If you haven't ridden an electric skateboard before, our staff will guide you through the safest methods to riding a board - techniques and advice on such as:

  • Prepare your stance/leg positioning before pressing the accelerator.
  • Lean back before braking, to prepare for any sharp pulls backwards.
  • We strongly advise that helmets and wrist guards are worn while riding electric skateboards, Onewheels and all electric rideable devices.
    Ben Buckler Boards have a great range of Mens and Ladies Helmets by Ruruc, Bern, Morrison, Thousand and Onewheel, please check them out here:.
  • It's advisable to wear high-visibility clothing while riding - especially at night time. 
  • Always ride with lights at night - if your board has lights attached - don't forget to turn them on before riding.
    Ben Buckler Boards have a range of Shred lights, please check them out here:.
  • Be very cautious around pedestrians. Always slow right down to walking speed and before overtaking pedestrians, and give them plenty of room.

We are open from 9:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday and by appointment at weekends.