The K1D is coming to Australia!

Super73 was founded in 2016 with the mission to create fun and accessible electric vehicles for people of all ages. Since then, the company has become a leader in the electric bike industry, known for their high-quality bikes that are both stylish and functional. The K1D is the latest addition to the Super73 family, and it was designed with young riders in mind. The company saw a need for a balance bike that could teach kids the fundamentals of riding while also being fun and stylish, and the K1D was born. With its unique features and signature Super73 design, the K1D is set to revolutionise the world of balance bikes.

Super73 K1D Blue Tang.

Experience ultimate comfort

The Super73 K1D is set to revolutionize the electric balance bike market with its range of features aimed at providing the ultimate experience for young riders. Designed with rider comfort in mind, the K1D boasts a motorcycle and motocross-inspired seat, providing riders with ultimate comfort while cruising around.

Super73 K1D seat.

Ultra-chic and unique style

Super73's signature high-end finish and design is evident in the K1D's exclusive hexagon pattern on the gum wall tires and handlebar grips, offering a chic look for riders to express their unique style with a choice of Blu-Tang, Sriracha Red, Obsidian, and Prickly Pink colour options.

Super73 K1D twist throttle.

Ride as you grow

The K1D is designed to grow with your child with removable hexagon patterned foot platforms, removable and adjustable oversized pegs for two different positions, and multiple handlebar options to fit the height of riders as they grow and develop their skills.

Super73 K1D foot pegs.

The right speed for the right skill level

The K1D's three class modes allow riders to learn the fundamentals of an electric balance bike at a lower speed and gradually increase performance as they become more comfortable and experienced. The two standard modes are easily accessible to the rider, with a locked and secured third "Track Mode" designed for advanced riders on closed courses.


Super73 K1D removable battery.

Safe and economic regenerative braking

The K1D also features an innovative regenerative braking system that allows the electric motor to flow current back into the battery when the rider releases the throttle, slowing down the bike and charging the battery. This provides longer lasting brakes and more range on the battery, adding an inherent safety measure to further protect young riders who can modulate speed with the throttle alone.

Super73 K1D wheels.

Available for pre-order

Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide your child with the ultimate electric balance bike experience! The K1D is estimated to arrive in Australia in early November so if you’d like to reserve yours you can pre-order it from our website.