Two Huge Updates to the Evolve GTR Series 2

The Evolve GTR Series 2 is here!

For good reason, the Evolve GTR series have provided some of the most popular electric skateboards we’ve known. The GTR is an excellent entry-level board with plenty of power to grow into while retaining the versatility and stunning clean design that Evolve is known for.

But, with the advent of the Series 2, what are the most significant modifications to the GTR? Well, in our opinion, these are the biggest two:

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The Series 2 adds Bluetooth FOC control to the GTR, bringing a new level of immediate power and ultra-smooth acceleration and braking performance to the GTR and putting the ultimate in intuitive riding control in your hands. Riders may tailor the total power, acceleration, and braking curves to their riding style with the Explore By Evolve app.

The Power

The Series 2 now boasts a whopping 6000W of power (dual 3000W motors)! It’s a beast capable of reaching speeds of 38kph with all terrain wheels and 44kph with street wheels, transforming highways into runways and curves into apexes. The lithium-ion Power Flex battery technology provides a real-world range of up to 30km on all terrain wheels and 50km on street wheels, transforming any surface into the infinite wave of your dreams.

The Evolve GTR represents outstanding value for money for beginners and the budget-conscious, with the ability to convert between all-terrain, off-road, and street wheels to conquer any Aussie terrain. Furthermore, the Evolve GTR series is the only one that provides two battery options: a compact travel-friendly swappable battery that can be taken on a plane or a lighter ride.

The Evolve GTR is the best way to start your electric skating adventure, and with the Series 2 upgrade, this board has become an even more appealing value and feature-laden double whammy!

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