Your Pre-Long Weekend To-Do List: The Test Ride

We get it. After a typically spirited festive season, getting back to the daily grind has been, well, a grind. There’s good news though. For those that haven’t had it circled in their calendar for the last two weeks, the long weekend is coming up, and it's time to think about how you’re going to squeeze as much as you can out of that precious extra day.

How. Good. 

How are you going to spend it? Not inside, we hope. That great big trough of rain that the nation has been hoping for is politely arriving a week early, so you’ve got three sunny days to fill in the great outdoors. 

So many options. You’ve got paddleboarding at the nearby beach (let’s hope the swell’s not being silly), taking your Super73 to your favourite mountain biking track, or cruising around the local suburbs on your Evolve Skateboard to try out that newly discovered cafe everyone’s been talking up. 

To give you an excuse to get out there (and squeeze in one more ride) we recommend doing a little test excursion in the lead up to your long weekend of adventures. Who knows, you might find maybe you do want to grab that US Spec throttle to maximise on off-road speed, or add in that car charger for your OneWheel to stay out longer. Plus, it really doesn’t hurt to double check your brakes, your tyres, and your battery. Call it the fun upside of PMD maintenance. Yeah, that works. 

So take our advice and get out there to test your gear beforehand to maximise on that long weekend goodness. 

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