Boost Electric Surfing Fin

Boost Electric Surfing Fin


    If you ever wished you could fly and catch a wave you can't get to by paddling manually, this electric motorised surf fin is exactly what you need. Designed to fit a vast array of surfboards and SUPs, the Boost Surfing fin will propel you and your board faster through the water. Adding a Boost surf fin to your board will help you get out of the break zone and into the fun zone.

    The Boost Surfing Fin Ensemble

    This kit is the only thing you need to get the most out of your surfing session. The Boost Surfing Fin set includes the Boost Fin, a Boost Fin Remote and a Boost Fin Adapter for your board, plus a charger, screwdriver and manual.

    Boost Fin

    This ingenious device is a way of Boosting your paddling so you can enjoy your surfing time for longer . , get out to the back line up more easily and catch more waves. Surfers of any skill level may maximise every wave with its mighty 800-watt motor. The Boost Surfing Fin also sports a turbocharged motor thrust and top speeds of 17 km/h. Say goodbye to the constant paddling and enjoy your time with the waves!

    Boost Fin Leash

    Boost Surfing crafted this small leash attachment to safeguard your electric fin. Some Boost surf fins in the past, especially those incorrectly installed, have fallen off and have never been found. This leash will prevent that from happening. Made from hardened steel and protected by heavy-duty rubber, this leash won't easily break or tear. Available as an optional extra accessory.

    Boost Fin Adapter

    Boost Surfing designed a range of adapters to allow the Boost Surfing Fin to suit any surfboard or paddleboard. While there are thousands of distinct surfboard manufacturers, the fins are standardised in most instances — we have adapters for all of them. We supply the Longboard Adapter by default in the package. However, if your surfboard or SUP has a different fin slot, we have lots of other adapters to accommodate it:

    • Slide-in
    • FCS
    • FCS 2
    • Futures
    • Futures (Side Fin)
    • NSP FCS
    • Soft Top
    • Flip Lock
    • Wayler
    • Stick-on Fin Box.

    Ben Buckler Boards — The #1 Place For Boost Fins in Australia

    Electric boost surf fins in Australia are gaining popularity in recent years, and we're proud to say we're the Australian Distributor for Boost Surfing, managing all the support and fulfilment locally. . The Boost Surfing Fin is the industry-leading brand of electric surfboard fin with thousands of happy surfers around the world and growing quickly.

    If you're ready to catch more waves effortlessly, get one today from Ben Buckler Boards! You may visit one of our physical stores or stay home and order online. If you have questions or concerns about this product, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you out!

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